Thursday, February 23, 2012

To get dressed or not?

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420529_372412022786151_100000520708096_1508675_1622125387_n-300x225 Many of those that I have had the privilege of flying with and flown with, express the fantasy of waking up in a posh hotel somewhere like here in Daytona Beach , half naked when a groove hot to trot maid walks in to fix up the room and does more than dusting.

The question was brought forth this morning as I’d just barely laid down to snooze when the knock of the door that announces, House keeping. At which time, being in just my DVD’s I said no thank you, and needing more than my traditional Goody’s headache powders here, to relieve the pain in my skull from a bit too much at the Bucket.

But it was not for the thought of allowing that sweet sounding honey in to clean the room and me up. Course I was a bit embarrassed since there was puke just about everywhere in the marble titled head here.

Sorry friends but between Daytona Bike week, and the 500 being here in Dayton Florida means party hardy. Considering, one gets a part reunion of the 214 A, in one place and tokillia flows like water, and whiskey flows like more water.

About the 63rd intake of both, I knew my limit had been reached.

Thank goodness as the torrential rains started here, Major Bryant took me home.

At least here to the Super Lodge where visiting contest winners for and of the 500 sponsors stay. Hey this may sound like a cheapy motel, but tit tain’t.

If I had a dime for every time I have said, I’d never do this again, I’d be one helluva rich person.

Then of course there is the big ? Even at home, are there days, that any of us, ask the question, should I , or do I have to get dressed today?

By the highway, I hope one of my girls, went to Heyburn, to get my garbage out to the road so it’d get picked up Thursday morning.

Press briefings l8r so I’m in seminars until then.

L8R Bro’s,

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Proverbs 14:22“Do not those who plot evil go astray? But those who plan what is good find love and faithfulness.”

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