Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Young Wolvez on the flyway


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In the beginning, there was the TeenAge Truckers Association. The idea? Get youth together who wanted a career in and be involved in Over the Road Trucking.

That said not too much behind that was the fact , that there were a few youths in the Magic Valley area of Idaho, that wanted to fly, loved to fly, and enjoyed all aspects of military aviation.

So in 1972 , a small club of 5 met at the then, Taco Time in Buhl Idaho, and launched what was the Eagles Flight Club. The premise to the club dramatized on the movie Iron Eagle.

Fast forward to now. In view of us who are getting older wondering where the new members an aviation enthusiasts will come from, the AyreWolvez at Tuesday’s meeting here at the Wolf’s Den, said lets restart our youth division.

So we’re looking to create some air under these wings, in the next few months.

The club will be called the AyreWolvez Wolf Pups, Flying Club. And will be aided by the CAP youth division.

In other news from the meeting, last night which is why I wasn’t on air on KDXB. Considering the station, and operations, The AyreWolvez requested and I like the idea, even though someone back in Virginia copied our idea on something called Warbirds Radio, the AyreWolvez will launch in May, something called AyreWolf/WyldAyre Radio. And will focus on military aviation in all its forms, both yesterday as well as today. The aircraft, not just fixed winged but helicopters, as well. Not just the infamous P-51 or F-4-U , but everything to rescue helicopters to the Apache attack Chopper. The pilots, the arenas fought in and the history of not just Air Force aviation but more over Navy and Marine aviation as well. Something few others do, including Warbird Radio.

The fact is this, long b4 there was the TeenAge Truckers Association, long b4 there was the Hazzard County Knytes, there was the Eagles Flying Club. I was legally flying at age 11. There was a heelo pad built in font of our mountain side homestead near Hagerman Idaho.

I was into getting into the air long b4 I got into getting in the cab of a truck.

The Eagles Flying Club, flew everything, from model rockets and the ancient rc aircraft at the time, to the real thing.

Last not least, the AyreWolvez Military Aviation AyreShow has been scheduled for the Burley Airport for the summer of 2013. Entries of restored military aircraft is now being accepted.

Contact me at for more information.

Until Wednesday Evening,

Keep it wings level.

L8R Aviators


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