Thursday, August 1, 2013

So you want to know about the organization do you? Then Read the Damn Blog!!

So the questions come in faster than bullshit being flung at ya'll at a PBR event. Thing is as I always post, these writings, if someone wants to know, the Knytes or AyreWolvez, I repeat, READ THE DAMN BLOGS!!! 
I do not just sit here during radio shows carving these things out for my health, they're there, so not only club members knows what's going on the club, but those wanting to be members. 
Yet invariably , people see the link, but few go read what's being written. Just amazes me, at the amount of stupid, in today's society. 
Simple direction yet few follow.
Okay then, that being said. 
Now you know. 
More at 04:00 this old Wolf needs some snooze eye , see ya'll then.
L8R Aviators