Sunday, August 25, 2013

Another demonstration of no go Idaho


Okay so it was another no show. Gal says, car puked, I say, she’s kicking tires, also I say, I’m so near to just dropping this, and turning it over to an agency its not funny. One says she’ll be here on Monday next at 10:00 Hours, we see.

It’s not that I don’t understand all the bull stuff of folks hesitancy , after all why would a bunch of winged gear heads go after puss in boots and hose to pose by aircraft for a vintage calendar/video? Because we are helping quite a few kids, who can’t help themselves and kids whose parents can’t afford to help those kids as these kid’ medical needs go way beyond the cold and sniffles.

Beyond that it get the AyreWolvez out there in front of people. Look I was once all things biker/bike, I still build the damn things, I also because of the Knytes are there at rallies, and all that, but the kinfolk style brother and sisterhood, of the Wolvez goes much deeper than riding on two wheels, the feeling of the wolvez between each other, goes to the bone, back when we had to count on each other when looking at some folks that wanted to kill us’ face. Friendships developed under or through combat are friendships that do not match any others. Once a BlackSheep, always a BlackSheep, same goes for the AyreWolvez.

Now would it be great to have a gal putting this together? Hell yes and much more would get done if the outside fillies saw that there was something or someone inside the Lair here rather than this two legged predator. If there was a gal doing this there’d be puss up side the front door and around the block. But because some body that has never met me and knows better, don’t know, is that a lady in the lair would mean women in front of a camera. Sadly time and mother nature is not going to wait. Its like last year, many apply, and must think hey this guy wants me just for sex. Then never show up. Thing is , if I need laid that bad Miss Donna’s in wells, and about $400.00 including gas money takes care of that, and the food and brew is free,.

Any mile, I’ll have more in the PM, just thought you’d like to know, once again I got out of bed , on an early Sunday, for nothing, went to the mall on limited fuel dollars again for nothing, bought my Mello Yello for nothing, to whit, From now on, model pin up girl auditions, are a pay up front at least $15.00 Per applicant. Make the arrangement, and audition you get the $15.00 back, if not, at least I get something for my time.

Will we get many to show up that way? Only the ones that are serious. Any body just kicking tires won’t even bother. Plus this weeds out the crack moms.

Then there’s this one that was to show today, I looked over not just her pics but those from the outfit out of Nampa that she worked for or with and while heavy on the body ink, wouldn’t be bad on camera and TV for us. One thing I wonder is are we paying too little for this? I would think that in a none SAG/AFTRA union state, that knocking down nearly $10,000.00 legally showing off their bodies enhancing the looks of vintage rides and aircraft would be all that bad. Shit if I had the body I’d do it. Yet its get me all excited, to which I call the club, Tommy drives up here along with others they look at the pics, they are here to go see at the mall, no show. Which means and thanks guys for your understanding, but my guys get tired too. So they implemented that $15.00 audition fee. You pay before hand. You show you get the money back, if not, at least my gas, and soda is paid for.

More over night I’m going back to bed.

L8R Aviators,

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