Friday, August 2, 2013

Just because it smells good, don't mean ya'll got to eat it

One has to configure why a young gal looks at an older guy.
Example, got a friend request earlier today from some gal named Bailey Peterson. Says she lives in Carolina somewhere. Says her kin folk dies and are you smelling this yet? Looking for love, and all this. As I questioned a bit further said you buy a plane ticket. Nope she didn't have any money. Maybe, but the feeling was , she wanted money for a plane ticket. My suspicion ? I wire money for the plane ticket, I never see her, and gone is $500.00. So I suggested she buy a bus ticket. She comes out we see if we got along, if not she's on a one way ticket, bought from here and her on the plane. 
How or why would a young gal do this? To defraud an old Marine out of $500.00. What put the brakes on this was when I explained I was a slightly shorter, slightly chunkier version of Jax(Jackson) Teller of Sons, that she decided this might not be her kinda thing, as soon as I said our air club was just exactly like Sons, only we fly instead of ride bikes, off went the light. 
Wonder how many guys get suckered into that kind of thing. More over how many has this gal conned and does Facebook know what she's doing?
Any way had a good lunch, I'm taking my nap, see ya'll tonight on the radio.
L8R Aviators.