Friday, August 30, 2013

Nobody really works on Fridays


Have you ever noticed, nobody really works on Friday? Oh sure the banks, and all are open, reluctantly, as each teller watches the clock thinking in her tiny blonde mind, Hey soon is sun and fun and for the week I am done.

You’ll most likely find her at Anchors Bistro & Bar, on Blue Lakes Blvd at 18:00 as she drink funny fruity drinks with little umbrellas.

Then there is the guy just wanting to cash his check, find a cold brew with the crew, you’ll usually find him at 3d’s , as at this time of day Anchors is much to fancy and here lately Anchors has become a bit snobbish. Even to the point one employee will tease you to wetness, to get a tip, but once you call her bluff she will give you the thumb and forget you exist. At this point she’ll hand you off to another gal, who the one has just belittled you behind your back. Truth be known that’s why you’ll not find a Knyte or a member of the Wolf Pack in there.

If the crew is not there Friday, you’ll find most mid life crisis male corpuscles out at the Mall, at say the Subway, chowing down. That’s my personal spot, its cool in there, I can watch although subtitled since the mall management will not turn up the TV , hey it might upset the children.

For those flying SAR and fire suppression missions, its not a day off at all. Our aircraft is in hangars getting serious replenishing and repairs. We are hammering out our flight reports, filing flight logs and flight plans, and resting for the weekend work that will come up since all too many especially this weekend will be going on picnics and such with Labor Day being the one last holiday of the summer.

Then there is the Toew Bros. Getting ready for the weekend flood of calls, for everything from DUI arrests to service calls. Trucks get washed, fueled, greased and so on. Those on call or on night shifts are all snuggled in getting some needed sleep. Yea right? Just when you bed down, some salesguy from some telemarketer firm, or other who get a self generated contact lead from an automated data mining firm that got YOUR number from Facebook, or Google, just has that you gotta have gizmo, or finalizing on some thing you started at the beginning of the past week. Then there is that gal who you hire to clean the house says you owe for that, which your well aware, but how long did she work? Did she write down her hours? And did she even tell you her enough of her name to write out a check to her? No, but she calls. Got an idea, tell me on paper how much I owe, and who to pay it too. Simple idea. After all I can’t be just putting out money to people just cause I say or they say I owe em money. If I did my accountant would have a fit. Trust me Jenn keeps a full folder on just who I pay money to, for how much, and it all MUST BE DOCUMENTED!! No paper, no money.

Did not see much activity on the so called fast food worker strike yesterday or today. The condition is real enough, and I think a slight uptick in salaries for those workers ought to take place, but many are uneducated and unskilled, that they should be lucky to even have a job. Thus do not bite the hand that feeds you.

Then there are the shirt and tie types, that ya’ll know want to be elsewhere, ask em a question, and its call me on Monday, no I want answers now. Not Monday, but you call on Monday anyway or at least get shuffled off.

In just about every nation on earth, people work, all day every day, Little time off if any at all, and they are industrious. And we wonder why our economy is screwed up? As my Mom told me, to get on your feet, get off your butt.

Oh and by the way yes I’m working, but then I work 24/7/365, with just about 8 of those hours spent taking care of myself.

More L8R , but ask yourself, just how many people, do YOU know who really WORKS on Friday?

Still waiting to hear back from Brad who is building the website. Guess Friday is his day off too.

L8R Aviators,


Quote of the Day:
Victory is always possible for the person who refuses to stop fighting.
--Napoleon Hill
Ephesians 2:19“Consequently, you are no longer foreigners and strangers, but fellow citizens with God’s people and also members of his household,”

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