Monday, August 26, 2013

realism in front of the camera requires much work behind it.


Defining a feeling or sensation through words can be very difficult if even possible. However in creative photography and especially videography , capturing one sense to envelope one major one the field of vision requires very serious practice, and rehearsal.

Consider the look of a set of feet in nylons , perhaps. To describe them as sexy or musky, is one thing, in words. But can the images truly reflect the intended set of sensory reactions? If not, then your only taking mundane shots and the true olfactory sensations are not being experienced. If your taking a photo of say a Pizza, I want that shot to lift the aroma of the pepperoni off the pasta, the rich sauce into my nostrils. If its not then all your doing is taking a mere picture, and getting no results.

Lets look at the smelly Nelly toes in hose, okay? These>2111638053_924e285049_zjust look like big feet and toes, does nothing to enhance anything, these >happytoesallows some personality, and to give one a sense of flavor>The real Nurse GoodBodyjust me and erin< you get the idea.

When I shoot film, or video, I want, hell I demand the intended feeling emotions and all to lift off the page, out of the TV and to the viewer. If the gal is sweating I want my shots to shows her sweat rolling down her skin, to where, I can taste it and where my nostrils can ingest the scent of her perspiration, through the lens.

This degree of perfection comes from a few weeks of rehearsal, some getting to know your model or models, how they move, breathe, heck even knowing what is about to make one fart, (yes it is now official women do fart) this way you know how to follow your target through all phases or range of motion and movements.

If you can’t achieve these degrees of accuracy then you might want to stick with taking pics of bowls of fruit.

So yesterday went to the mall, at 11:45 hours, but by near 12:15 I get the call, Paige says her car puked, which I know can happen, heck how many times has that happened to me? Car runs great for weeks but get ready to go somewhere important, or do run a dedicated mission, and your ride decides to have a shit.

There are two answers to this, its either lack of preventative maintenance , or The force is not with you, warning of , maybe this might not be the right course.

While only Force commands absolutes, still you can usually get a grip on the situation if your receptive to all surrounding things.

As humans we are all too restrained into linear time. That external dimensions or dimensional shifts are not usually understood. But if you have any knowledge of quantum mechanics, you realize, that if your deciding to go somewhere, and its really stormy, the car or truck is not performing properly, and time is going to be short for any kind of visit, its probably a good indication that a postponement, is required. But postponement, means eventually showing up, not just throwing the what ever away.

So lets look at this from Paiges’ point, okay. She intends on meeting me at the MVM, First her schedule was messed up at work so she had to change the meeting time from Saturday to Sunday. Next, car gets a malfunction. Both say , meeting to be rescheduled, but done it earlier in the week. From my end it went like this.

First pay day is a week away, meaning a week from today (Monday), sure could ask the GodFather for funds, but not wanting to.

Any way, fuel in truck at a critical stage, meaning damn thankful I made it to the damn mall twice in the first place. Third thank goodness I could scare up enough couch change to buy milk and soda. Remember I just got home from the fire lines the other side of Sun Valley, I have not been to the store, fueled my truck nothing. The BLM and such don’t pay till next week and guess what? Federal holiday, LABOR DAY, is on the 4th meaning I wont see nothing major money wise until maybe the 10th. Sure we here at the company make good money, Hell I make good money, but making it is one thing, keeping it is another. AV fuel is right at $10.00 a gallon, It costs me just under $900.00 to fill my 222A, meaning if I’m lucky I’ll get an equivalent of maybe 3 to 4 miles to the gallon. That under normal flying conditions. In aerial combat on fire suppression, I might be able to squeak out 5 miles to the gallon out of our Bell Sioux's . Then there’s the cost of food, ground transport, etc . So yes the check is big but on a $15,000.00 bill, we might walk away with $1,500.00 . So why do I do it? Because it needs to be done.

Any way that’s life here.

In closing, if you do the quality of visual media work that we do, you need to make your images pop. That’s why even on a pre interview, Like yesterday with Paige, I said wear nylons etc, I want to see what I got to work with I want to see if there is instant shazzam,

L8R Aviators.


Quote of the Day:
It is better to aim at perfection and miss, than to aim at imperfection and hit it
--Thomas J. Watson
Romans 12:4-5“For just as each of us has one body with many members, and these members do not all have the same function, so in Christ we, though many, form one body, and each member belongs to all the others.”

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