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Paid JOB OFFER, had you going there, didn’t I? But I am of the idea of all these paid to post job sites.

An outfit based out of Olympia Washington called Work Inc. That runs all these Better Pocatello and Better Twin Falls Jobs web sites makes the employer pay to post the offerings. In the same vein so does Monster and so on. In my view shouldn’t the people looking for work pay to harvest that information? Rather than us offering up the jobs? Now according to Federal Trade Administration policies and FYI, the reason behind making employers pay to post jobs is to weed out the riff raff. But if I’m the one paying an employee for work to be done, shouldn’t those wanting MY firms money have to pay to find me?

In this economy, created out of old age business and commerce practices in a digital as well as free thought world, job seekers out number job offers by 10 to 4, 4 jobs for every 10 people looking for work. Many people looking for work, are not educated or at least in basic skills, and even more importantly life skills that make them great employees. Dedication to task, loyalty to a firm, and basic stick to it , to get it done mindsets. Added to that and a glimpse into public and Government agencies will allow you to see this, but as simple as it is, if you want to find the hottest looking sweet hearts behind the desk or at the customer/client service window, go look at the Food Stamp, Government housing or some other such agency. Reason, these jobs are paying at minimum, $50k a year, I know far less than we here at AyreWolf Aviation pays and about even with what the AyreWolvez pay, for out of membership employees. Member employees and families of such start at an annual salary of $65k a year, but that’s a subject for later.

But the hot gals with their finely tweaked SUV’s in their slim line pant suits and glossed over heels, work at Government agencies, both from a pay/benefit point of view as well as the view that with this economy such agencies will provide a job at least for those case workers a life long career. It’s called longevity. Most other jobs pay slightly below minimum wage, which is why today, and haven’t looked around here yet, but on east coast areas, fast food employees are going on strike for more money. The only real draw back here is, there goes your Big Mac up in price. Hey McDonalds has to cover the increase in costs somewhere.

From a technical point of view, any job that requires any amount of brain drain, is poorly trained, if even the potential employee even has the basic education skills set to be trained. Our schools despite such funding inputs as State lotteries etc just have not kept up with industry and technological needs. Even college graduates coming out of Ivy league schools, have not the basic self generation skills. Sorry friends they just don’t. Idaho with only Utah behind us, are two of the lowest able states in the union. Teachers here in the Mountain West are some of the lowest paid in the nation and thus have little to no at least financial incentives to get even basic problem solving skills into the minds of our youth. Face it the only reason many of us rural kids have any education is from home schooling, Getting that from old fashioned methods from not just parents but Grand parents. With funding reductions schools find ways to stay open less, and teach even less. When I was in school, we went from 08:30 hours until 15:00 hours with a 45 minute lunch break. Even that we had to remain on school property. If we didn’t there was a sheriff deputy at home with a citation for skipping school.

Today, kids go to school, for maybe a half day then out in the community. They call it work study, I call it shifting the teaching project to employers and industry. Which leads me back to the topic title, if we’re to do all this education, recruitment and job retention. Then shouldn’t we be allowed to post jobs offerings free and those needing work have to pay to harvest those offerings? I think so.

I’d be interested to hear what you think. Oh and if you want to know what kinds of people have these skills sets? Veterans. I’ll hire a Vet, long before and preferably over any civilian, there is, especially Marines.

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