Friday, August 2, 2013

Ever noticed that your ISP's performance gets muddy close to the time you pay your bill?

Have ya'll ever noticed that your Internet Service Provider' performance gets a bit muddy and slow, to hardly enough to bring up a web page, about the time your bill comes due? Seems after you pay it, the dang thing works really good.
I have been having this problem with my trusty SpeedConnect, lately. First of the month good, middle of the month just before the bill is sent out still smooth, but when that bill comes out, oops the speed slows to just above a crawl. Now not saying that its completely SpeedConnect' problem, but truck drives by the signal lost signal, for a minute or two, think late night is better? Only slightly. Don't know if SpeedConnect's tower got smacked or something but there is a wrench in the fan somewhere. 
One thing we're looking at is our own pipeline. Sure it'll cost us $400.00 a month , but can you say a true 100mps connection? 
Until then its doing duty with 8mps thing is I'm only getting 4 download, and maybe 3 upload. 
Let's get this fixed. 
See ya'll on the radio tonight.
L8R Aviators.