Thursday, August 8, 2013

Flushing content and if streaming don't work on consumer Internet, how come YouTube is so good?

Yesterday was supposed to be my week day off from being busy for the club or my company. Where I could recover and refresh my body, mind, and soul.
As always none was the case. First because of the web problems could not download hardly any music without it not skipping, or me having to reload, at least 3 times. It makes the short work longer, its not easy.
Which brings me to several questions. The first being, even at its worst , a few years ago, at least on a more stable platform like cable internet, streamed content from the likes as YouTube worked pretty good. In fact up until mid June mine here, even with SpeedConnect worked well enough to watch online TV without a mishap. The only conclusion I can fathom, is either, someone outside of my inner circle has found a way to invade the flyte path of my SpeedConnect, connection and is siphoning off the signal, two I'm being tapped by who knows who, or SpeedConnect got a hit on a tower and antenna and just wont say. Was there a main switcher somewhere that got toasted? Then too, did something happen at Google aka YouTube, somewhere? Seems as if everything else will work up to a point, but my music. Somehow I got this infiltration from some thing called LastFM, that I can't get rid of. That might be the case, but even up to  mid June even with that running in the background I got my music down, but then maybe what we're doing is a bit much for a consumer connection. 
The exploration into something else continues, but like many things, organizations and the like, money is not exactly overflowing out of our pockets or the preverbial money well is a bit low. Not kaput, just not as full as it was. The radio station has pretty much tapped most the resources. FCC Licenses and such are not cheap. Just the application fee is $5,000.00 then call letter registration fee of $2,800.00 and so on. It'd be easier to run an outlaw station. I would, but there's too many around here in the biz already that'd blow the horn. 
Years ago down around Hazzard(Hagerman) it wasn't as big a thing to run a outlaw station. To find us first off was difficult, two, with a spread out population of maybe 2,000 , nobody really cared, the community liked what we did and supported us. Being in the middle of Twin Falls with so many Gladys Kravits eyes and ears, the Feds would be at the door withing two weeks or less if we tried to go OTA as a outlaw station.
So what to do? Go Internet Radio. While we have a good team building that in Portland for us there at Abacast, the fact is, if we can't get it up, much less maintain a good Internet erection, the Internet Radio station would be like an old man, trying to hump a young gal, sure might get started, but be over in a second or two. There has to be , I hope a scalable, but economic medium here. Going to go talk today to folks over at both Cable-One, and see what can be done.
Alrighty then moving on here. 
I went to my Facebook page today, and like so many friends there, that are just more look at, drive by howdies and not much more, flushed or unliked a bunch of content, or Facebook postings. You'd think that when your commenting maybe you'd get a squeak from at least one or two. Nope. There's one gal there, that writes for Penthouse and is Deputy Enos' publicist. Who I keep as a friend, but here lately even she is ignoring me, must be too busy. I ask once again, if your going to ask to be a friend , but then ignore someone that wants to at least say howdy, why even ask to be their friends or mine? Read the blogs, and such fine. Subscribe to our pages, great, but do not patronize me or the club if all you want to do is tease. Then there are the porn posts. I have been getting many here lately. Why? Is somebody secretly subscribing me to these things, has my account been hacked? If so how can you tell? Going to look at that Thursday.
My last question though is this, and I don't doubt the guy doing some research into our own Internet pipe is right, but if streaming don't work from standard ISP's, then how come its only been a month now that I've been doing okay? And two, if consumer internet wont support streaming even YouTube or HuLu, how come they keep working? 
Any mile, see you on the ground in the AM, this old Wolf is tyred.
L8R Aviators,