Thursday, August 1, 2013

Some days just can’t get it into second even if you double clutch it.


Another flyte into the nyte.

Let’s see, most of the AyreWolvez flew out to Oshkosh, leaving me here to keep the fyres here burning, and tending to chores.

Had a fairly good day, with going down to Hazzard to snag lunch at the very place that the club all of the club first was fyred. Mr. Martin there thinks that memory should be preserved as we do. He says he’s going to get the Slime News’s interested in doing something up on it. I say right, have you seen anything in the Slime News about the club? At least in the last decade? Under different publishers we were numero uno, in those dull bird cage lining pages, yet today, shy of at point the Slime News don’t like the club. As one said it not too long ago , once many hated us, now they want to be us. Whether its on a Harley, or having a Corsair, or Bell 222A strapped to our back. Don’t matter, biker or pilot, they all love us now. Wait until there’s a major something they all know is part of us, then watch the local media come crawling, its going to be Herman they talk to then.

Any way clubs working on putting a memorial plaque at the Snake River Grill commemorating the founding of the Knytes there. The AyreWolvez no. The AyreWolvez was founded in Roy Utah in 2004 so we’re not included that way, but the Knytes are our brother club so we are there, kind of like a family wedding, your not there for the marriage to begin with but there by family obligation for the anniversaries.

Here’s important 411, when sitting at a traffic light, go for your Skoal, and guaranteed the damn light will change. Never fails. Its like there’s some gal sitting at city pd, watching in the camera, sees you get ready to load your lip or light a smoke and says oh goody, now I’ll change the light, just to piss you off.

Finally , club is getting me into a Subaru. Really? Guess better fuel economy means more deployability, so oh well.

And as I put this entry into the hangar, said adios to Todd today, guess he’s being reassigned, so they got this butt maggot, to try to replace Todd. My theory, ain’t going to work. Wasn’t too tickled with Todd, but shit for a PSR that took Alliance Family whatever 2 months to find, then Todd moves me from Bliss to Buhl, then to Burley, which I wouldn’t have, if he’dve just stayed out of it, then he helped move over, plus three moves after in Burley then back to Twin Falls when GodFather, took over the financial duties, and now they give me a new idiot. Watch how fast this crashes and burns , plus watch how fast I’m doing this thing solo.

Stay tuned.

Next Entry about 04:00 , regarding, if you want to know the clubs, just read, repeat READ THE DAMN BLOGS!!!

L8R Aviators.

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