Sunday, August 11, 2013

Do you ever ask who made that stupid TV AD?


Do you ever ask, who made that stupid TV ad? There’s this ad for Night View glasses that are little more than target practice goggles. The into to the ad music sounds like something from a scifi terror movie, then all through the ad the view you see has a disclaimer(Simulated view) Really? Ya’ll mean that , the view we’re seeing is not what to expect? Then there are the sidewalk testimonials, one you can tell is from Latino heritage. What’s up with that? There are a million of these kinds of ads, that I’ll call grade B ads, with the, thing of for just $10.00 plus shipping and handling direct sale ads. While effective I think, the production costs are kept to a minimal and the product is probably not very high grade quality. But it’s not just those ads. I’ve seen high dollar companies like GEICO make ads that are just as stupid. They have a good thing going with the pig and gecko, but these ads with the vampire at a blood drive , come on, its stupid. You’d think , why can’t these people do something original? Same feeling I get when I look into my Facebook . I see postings from so many of things that are not original. Just repeats of something they posted months even a year ago.

To answer some of the questions, good TV ad’s are like mini movies. Great ones can cost anywhere from $8,000.00 to near $200,000.00  good on screen talent from pitch girl models to original music and all are in the mid $200,000.00 to $500,000.00 area. Second original screen writers script writers and all are at a premium. And few companies are willing to pay those production rates.

The small advertiser, meaning , mom & pop business’ don’t stand a chance, right? Wrong. But we’ll explore that in a different article here. Its simplistic, originality costs big bucks some places, the other hampering situation is simple, true imagination is no longer encouraged both in our culture and especially in our communities and schools. Remember the confrontation of Picard and the Borg? Think of the population as the crew of the Enterprise, consider our Government and society, especially where I reside as the Borg, meaning to our Government we all will be assimilated, rendering independent thought, liberties and freedoms as those things we used to enjoy.

We’ll all live in small , all styled the same kind of housing, all the same paint color, and the worst all be driving something like a Toyota Prius all the same car. Reminds me of the title song to the Showtime series, called Weeds. I prefer to fight to prevent this, before it really happens, my opinion and view, Assimilation and resistance is not futile.

The solution for boring ads? Next article.

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