Monday, August 26, 2013

A few hours of sleep without the phone please?

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If I’m lucky I might get to sleep all night without multiple interruptions via cell phone.

Now understand when its an interruption for going toewing , I am all for that, if it’s a call for SAR duty with the chopper fine, but when it’s just salesman pitching crap at all hours, especially at 07:35 hours my patience is a bit thin.

Besides the fact that I had a dorky weekend full of promises, inconvenience,  trying to catch up on a few things before I head west to Tahoe to work fire lines there, I get tons of phone calls. Then there are those girls that show up on my Facebook. Now we know what this is, Some prankster is a pimp, in San Francisco somewhere. He thinks he’s going to get a few gals from a half way house or drug facility to take a few photos, who then go on line and say they like some old guy, who they think because of title or company ownership has big bucks. So they get to know somebody, then say I’d come up to you, if I only had some money. Oh they got money, if they have Internet , they have money. Or at least are eating well.

In reality its all a scam and I fell for it once, nearly twice, but no more. Why else does a mere mid 20’s gal with any looks want to snuggle with an old Marine on Facebook?

Then I get phone calls from some guy with a web site builder company, which I’m all for, might as well farm that out as well . Since 80% of everything we do here in both the club as well as AyreWolf Aviation has to be imported, be it services or product. While I’d like to say that opens up opportunity for us to build that service, fact is I gave up trying to fill those holes a long time ago. I’d rather just go out of state, buy the whatever or have the model talent etc come in, get the thing done, and that’s just it, it’s done. My stress level and health just does not allow for games and so on.

It’s like this guy who was supposed to call involving pin ups. Guess what ? Not only did he not call, his phone is kaput.

Yet he’s posting pics of Paige and others. Are these gals he’s worked with, or gals of today? If there are crooks and I’m sure there is, wouldn’t ya’ll if you were a potential model type female, want to audition and work with a firm that has been around for 30 years, always has a phone number is in the phone book, has a Wikipedia page, and has about 4 pages that come up that are decent when Googled. Of course there’s the fact that nobody is hiding. Makes ya’ll think these gals like Paige and such ought to get in their car and drive down from Boise to see me, wouldn’t you. Plus I’ll bet money the other guy never paid em $100.00 an hour like we do our models, and I’m thinking he probably took a bunch of pics now ain’t paying his talent, so phones are not working,.

All I know is I’m looking to a all night session of being in bed, no phone(I-hope although mine works) and sleeping, maybe telemarketers and sales people will sleep.

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