Saturday, August 3, 2013

Morning Ayre

Good Saturday, wish I was in Oshkosh, or even in route to Sturgis, bet your next tank of AV Gas I'll be at one of those next year.
I try to be patient with the limitations of a very rural Idaho. I remember mid year last year, I heard from KPVI' FoX News at 9, a report that said Pocatello is the absolute slowest internet area of all in the USA. With mine being based only about 60 miles north of Pocatello in Idaho Falls, which is why my IP Address is always Idaho Falls, reality is I'm 175 miles west southwest if Idaho Falls, in Twin falls, but hey its Idaho. The report stated faster can be had if one wants to pay for it. Right now Confederate Steele Media our subsidiary for and backbone for both HazzardAyre and WyldAyre Radio, is looking at doing up our own pipeline. Cost is estimated at $350.00 a month, but I'll bet a steak at the Wolf's Den and a bottle of Jack at the Sheeps Pen, that it'll come in just under $500.00 a month. But if that's what it takes. The reason, is simply due to time restraints I don't think we're going to meet the filing deadline for a OTA station, but are working on a Internet station here. Which is good, more over the uplink concept to be one if not the ONLY radio shows from Idaho, airing on XM/Sirius, this demands a bigger, stronger and more reliable streaming able internet connection. So we are working that way.
What else? Oh yes, plans for the BlackSheep/AyreWolvez reunion AyreShow are on target. Location will be in Wendover Utah at the Wendover Airport. Deets in a few ayremiles.
Mobility increases and improves, more on that next entry, until then keep it wings level,
L8R Aviators,