Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Give us Points for Longevity

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I had to throw this in before I headed for bed.

Over the years and even as short 8 months ago, the AyreWolvez and our brethren in the Knytes on projects such as our pin up calendars etc have been trashed and hashed to put it mildly. Thing is, and this is very important, the fact is, not only have we remained operational, since 1974 putting hot bodies together with even hotter aircraft and old trucks, but we have done it consistently. No one ever can say they can’t get in touch, no one can ever say they can’t verify us completely, and no one really can say we are not real.

I’m not going to say that talent searches and recruitment in Idaho is not a helluva chore, nor will I say we’ve always been successful, but I can say we have always been there.

This Sunday marks the anniversary of the month that turned my entire thought process’ around and what made me give the boot to that fraud in Blackfoot, who used to manage funds.

A year ago, I was forced to move into my shop just outside of Burley to save some money. Plus to ROS for security purposes.

Over that month, no TV, except for rerun video tapes, no Internet, although I tried to get someone out there, and forget a shower or bath. There tweren’t no tub nor shower.

Between sleeping and eating with mice, dysentery I managed for three long weeks, Gives reason to be thankful to Charlie don’t it?

It was Oct 1, that I got out of that hell, into a place with shower and TV. More over into was over the month of September that I healed and was able to put the final page of my life in Mini Cassia , not that Tweaker Flatts is much better , but I have been living a bit better, and have been able to keep my bills paid. Which is good.

It does not matter how much money you have if you leave it in the care of another, like the club(s) did and that person abuses her authority, bills get put behind, Oh yes legal action is undergoing , problem is we can’t find her to recover our funds she stole. Or those she stole from others. Makes ya’ll wonder, in all of the entire state of Idaho, From Lewiston to Soda Springs, from Twin Falls to Salmon, there is only 2 people managing or doing payee services for Vets, SSI beneficiaries and so on , ONLY 2. One is half ass’d the other is the one we are doing legal war with.

But here’s the deal, Even though I can’t do it and thank God for Charlie, but, think, of however many in Idaho requiring this kind of service or services, that somebody don’t pick up that torch. I mean think of it, even doing that for half of what Mrs. Boston did it, @ $20.00 a person, multiplied by 3/4 of the population of Idaho that needs that service, and all you need to do all month is, take people’s SSI check, pay their bills or supposedly pay their bills, their rent, and give them the left over. I’ll bet that takes maybe two weeks, We’re talking $75,000.00 for two weeks work, not bad. Oh yes that’s something the AyreWolvez are working on for next year to be a payee service for military.

Speaking of which as I leave you, Seems as though Obama and if you think this has not been staged I’ll buy you a root beer at the PX, but Obama is just pacing this chemical weapons strike back on Syria, to coincide with him getting threats to get booted out of office for really screwing the pooch. See the Constitution, says you can’t unseat a current President during time of battle or national emergency, as he needs to remain Commander in Chief. So what does Obama do? Looks to pick a fight with Syria. If you think that’s an accident? I have fishing property at Sand Hollow Idaho for sale CHEAP!!.

In closing, From that first photo session in 1974 at Firebird Raceway for Dittos Jeans, to now, through all our configurations. Confederate Steele Media, which is us has been capturing the really great looking women of Idaho, Utah and Wyoming and the best warbirds including our own along with classic trucks, also many of our own, and selling those images in calendars and TV ads .

It’s time for a new chapter to be written,

and it looks like that chapter is going to be written in Salt Lake City, and Boise, at the same time.

More on that in the PM,

L8R Aviators,


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