Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Finally making a dent


Could it be that finally the ice burg is cracking?

A real sweetheart came in for an interview for on air. Sweet, but not over the top. Job is hers, and so now one on air spot on both HazzardAyre and WyldAyre is now taken. If the gal from Jerome that I talked with on Sunday, gets in here, then another position will be taken. The bottom line is, if we keep whittling the stick, the better its getting. I truly think that by October everything will be in place. While there will be a few that I interviewed months ago and just a few weeks ago will be upset, hey they are the ones that fear for their virtue what little of it remains, will be upset. The came they saw, they gave it up. Not putting all eggs in the same basket, but I think we are now gaining traction in the action here.

So my advice to the gal in Jerome living in a motel, the gal that came by who now does fast food service at Arby’s, and one other that surfaced a few weeks ago, that needed an immediate pre work paycheck, best get in and reinterview, because this plane is on the tarmac, on taxi ready to lift off. Miss or dismiss it this time there ain’t no more chances.

Now just need to get our sales team together, and producer positions filled and we got the Hazzard-WyldAyre staff assembled.

Next entry, putting a radio station in the mall.

L8R Ya’ll

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