Thursday, August 29, 2013

The new social mental hang up? Civilian Stupidity Disorder.


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So there I was sitting on the stone throne, enjoying my latest printed issue of WyldAyre the magazine, and the phone rings. On the other end was SpeedConnect, calling to schedule another visit from a technician. The simple question is why? After 4 of them have already came here to the Wolf’s Lair, after all have said, that both from the standpoint of their services ability and all, that their system just does not have the horsepower to handle the kind of web traffic we require. The other half is, its not so much during the day, as it works okay due in part to daylight work day internet traffic flow. It’s at night when I’m trying to send radio uploaded to the network to deliver on satellite, as well as download and play, through such things as YouTube that much internet traffic requires more bandwidth and speed than SpeedConnect can handle. It’s not their fault, after all, their basic is simple, simplistic internet for the average consumer who sometimes downloads or streams a movie. But not uploading and streaming down at the same time.

Our run at SpeedConnect was two fold and for the office we intend to keep them, but for the radio station Cable-One just offers a bit more horsepower, but if those doing the brokering gets it done, we’ll have the bandwidth and all we need for the station bottom line giving you who tune in a seamless flow of entertainment and news/information.

So it doesn’t matter if SpeedConnect sends someone over or not, its going to be the same thing.

They just don’t have the ponies to make what we need to do, get done.

The time to send a tech is not day time, its about 21:00 Hours(9:00 pm ) when the rest of this tiny town is active online. Then assess the system.

Any mile, been a long hot day, so I’m off here until overnight on HazzardAyre Radio.

Next entry WyldAyre on its way and dig this; WyldAyre TV, stay tuned.

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