Thursday, August 22, 2013

Damn it Facebook enough junk ads give me more posts and ads on flying helicopters


The Empire is still striking back. Seems everytime I go online to my Facebook whatever that is, I get more cyber traffic for toewing and bikes, than I do for aviation and flying. Doesn’t Facebook's monitoring staff review account profiles that says this guy and his business FLY, and more focus on that rather than toewing would be better. Oh well huh?

Okay then, Talked to TP today, trying to get him to come up this week or next. The GodFather is pressing me on junking the LiL Wolf, that is simply something I just can’t do for some time, I’m just to attached to it.

That little S-Dime is the last thing besides AyreWolf Aviation, that the Montgomery Foundation bought me, meaning Mom & Dad. Oh sure LexiBelle, GodFather knows harping on that would be a waste of breath, that will not happen, and I’m not yet quite sure getting rid of LiL Wolf would be in my best interests. So riding the fence on that.

Called around on the Internet thing, the best MegaPath can do in my area, where I’m at is 6 down 2 up. Way to slow. Course Cable-One can’t do much better but at $212.00 a month that might be our best route. Got Thatcher working on it. But nothing will happen until October any way, since I have my consumer bill with Cable One to pay and if I buy the car I’m going to be short $100.00 a month.

Now to add insult to the injury, I’m not yet knowing if Idaho Housing is going to approve my VA housing request. Its not quite low income housing, but my VA benefits gets some rent shaved off. Thing is we supposedly owe , Davis Housing in Utah, $700.00 . Thing is, there was apparently mis communication, there. But when the complex manager saw me moving every day for a week and a half, when they got TWO moveout notices that they approved, and that one of their fix it guys there helped me load to move, plus the fact they keys to the damn place on her desk, and they still billed me for 3 months rent. Really. Seems to me an attorney is needed.

But unless I get that, the car deal is kaput, I just can’t afford it. The radio gig, paying my bills, and getting both halves of HazzardAyre Radio and KDXB FM/KNAK AM on the air is more important, another better car will come along in the future.

But as I close, damn it Facebook, post things on flying on my page and newsfeed, not the crap you’ve been doing.

Oh one last thing, chatted with a guy in Boise that does pin up girl calendar things, plus a gal that’s supposed to come down Sunday for a meet and greet, so we’ll fly really by the seat of my pants.

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