Monday, August 26, 2013

Enough of this Miley Cirrus shit!!

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can someone tell me what the big thing is over the performance of Miley Cirrus the other night on the MTV Video Awards?

I have looked at this performance over and over, and I can’t see anything that is Over the Top. In fact I see nothing but a very sad performance on both Mr. Thicke and Miley’ . Wasn’t Thicke part of that TV show that Kirk Cameron was part of. Didn’t both Thicke and Cameron step into the light of udder Christianity, if anything it’s the blaspheme of the gospel. Dancing on a sexual charged show while barking about being saved. Maybe that should be the issue.

On Miley’ gig, I never really saw anything. Sure she cut out her outfit from a couple of bath mats, that looked tacky, no high heels, no nylons and two knobs on her head. Her hair dresser should have known better. But the tarnishing of a child's mind, come on. Shyt they see worse on the same channel Miley made her mark on, The Disney Channel. I’ve seen more exhibitions of sexual energy on Good Luck Charley.

Sure I’m biased a little, I think both Bridget Mendler and Selena Gomez left Disney to create a better career. Their stars have illuminated the cosmos , but Miley isn’t to be blamed here. Miley is trying to grab attention and reconstruct a career that sadly wasn’t there to begin with. Sure her dad was a fair country singer, had two hit songs, but intelligently left the business. I could see Miley acting, modeling but not singing and certainly not performing.

Thing is it’s the media frenzy, over what I can’t understand.

Seems the media anymore goes bazzerk over shit when there’s nothing really bazzerk or worth getting all flustered about.

If Yahoo, and the rest want something to focus on, why not focus on us here at HazzardAyre? Here’s a radio/TV network about to go both satellite/cable  nationally, that is a southern culture/southern rebel station, originating in Idaho of all places, where Yankee is dominate and Southern is hardly spoken. Yet a state that has its roots in the south and was one of only a very few states willing to secede from the Union, along with the 13 states of southern heritage. Want proof of that, Two towns, recently visited by the way, of Atlanta, and Dixie Idaho, and yet the mainstream media is focusing on some Elvis style dancing of Miley Cirrus. Who the hell cares about her in that way? More over if you’re a person looking at her with sexual desirous thoughts, its you that should be ashamed. Look if Miley has a mental sickness let her get treated, but you who look at her that way also should be seeking counseling.

The media is walking right past everything that’s important. First the Farm Bill, still remains unstable and not passed, money for the SNAP program attached to that Farm Bill remains not acted on, Immigration remains tabled, how you going to get your grapes for that wine , if those Mexicans can’t harvest them? Why can’t our media cover these stories?

Oh yes it’s the youth thing, I got it, lets see Yahoo, cover the FFA, or how about oh the TTA? No the focus is on a gyrating dance on a show nobody watched.

Bottom line, enough of the Miley Cirrus shit any way will ya?


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--Kahlil Gibran
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