Friday, August 2, 2013

A beer fest? Really can you say DUI?

Now I'm not wanting to kill an idea of having a good time with a few brews. But here's the gig, The Twin falls Rotary Club, is having a Beer Fest this weekend in the city park here. Great, drunk brawls, irritated guys over gals being a bit too much flirty after a few brews too many and the big one, DUI. If you don't think the money hungry city of Twin Falls and their big bad super bears ain't going to be all over that, I'll buy your next annual inspection. And yet, trying to get our AyreShow in the eyes of the Tragic Valley, is just a mission impossible. See thing is whether its the Hazzard Nationals, or something none drinking event that we produce, the Slime News amongst others throw a wet blanket on the concept, to where our events migrate to Utah somewhere or at least Eastern Idaho. But oh that's not good, might soil a kids mind, yet we can have a gig, where everybody is getting drunk. Good deal. Seems as though that's been the thing since we stopped, producing the Hazzard Nationals in Hazzard in 1986. Maybe do that again. 
Heading over there mid month.
Finally want to announce the formation of the committee to produce what will be called The AyreWolvez , a docudrama, more drama than much of anything else. The film will be about a group(us) flying fire suppression and air rescue, as the main job, but solving crimes and espionage at night or as a secret cover. With the Lady as the main aircraft. Think of it as Knight Rider with wings. The film will debut on WyldAyre TV. 
If you find yourself tempted to go to this Beer Fest which will cost you to get in and be over priced, for the brew and food, park at a parking lot at least several blocks away and walk to the event. 
L8R Aviators,