Friday, August 9, 2013

If truly like something, support it open your wallet

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So was looking over my morning Yahoo mail and saw some blip on the front page about some SOA star that’s doing the Hollywood divorce. Nothing new there. Hollywood divorces are like taxi cabs, one happens at least every other minute.

So then under the story of the SOA divorce there’s a thing there or caption that says, such and such likes SOA, okay fine how about the certain person, supporting the real to life SOA, our brothers in arms and sibling club, the Knytes-of-Anarchy. We see these things all over these social pages, we support that, or this, or the other. But do you really? The way you show real support is opening up thy wallet. In the case of the Knytes and/or us in the AyreWolvez, we’re not talking gobs of money but hey take a night off from partying on a Friday, take the same amount and send it to us. We understand that not everybody can do that. Let’s face it the current state of affairs in America means no green, but for those that say I support this or that, show it, besides lip service.

I tune into church services and programs everyday, including our grand Wretched TV, in all cases they are selling something, and enough of you must be contributing or these TV preachers could not preach on TV. TV stations only understand two things, greed and green, nothing else. No green no TV.

Yet here’s a small by comparison, group based in the Mountain West making a real difference and yet I’d near fall over bassackwards if I went out to the mail box, and saw a check or even a $100.00 bill in between a piece of paper .

The clubs both of ours really spent a bunch of money this past two years on beefing up the radio and TV network of ours, mostly heard now on AFRN and on military bases and Naval vessels. We are there for those in uniform, as we were once. All too many say they support the Armed Forces etc, but ask them to open up their cash drawer, nope, its like beating a wet carpet. It’s like a few that I’ve come to know here in and around Twin Falls, you ask mid month to donate, they say they can’t, but hey they have money for beer. Those cases of beer are at least $8.00 a piece. How about donating the price of two of those cases of brew?

Those in places you can’t imagine, depend on us here at Confederate Steele Media to deliver programming and content that give them a smile, and up lift them every day. The costs of producing, shipping and all of our radio and TV shows to our winged warriors, still serving, is really expensive. Given that and the fact we’re just weeks from kicking off the only SiriusXM network channel, as well as a local flagship station, we’ve this past year, spent just under $500,000.00 We could use the help from some of you that say you support us.

Support can come from a couple of other places besides the wallet.

How about something like those with property. Has anyone thought of saying, hey we know your in need of office-studio space, I have a one room office that I’m not using , I’ll let you use it rent free for a year you just cover the electricity. Or a Internet company offering broadband internet , saying we’ll give you a years worth of free service, or even an outfit like say Cable-One saying we’re glad to your helping our men and women in our military, we’ll give you a year or even six months of cable TV and/or Internet service. Even with a stipulation of mentioning them as a free ad on air. Nope I don’t see that.

Then there are other things, like donating their time. How about working in the studio, producing, going out and getting business’s to advertise? You get the idea.

Saying you support something is one thing, doing it is another. Real support means opening your wallet and giving of your time and money.

Our aviation brothers in the Marines, Navy Army and Air Force will be coming home in the next year. Some needing jobs, some needing a lot of things, help with bills that could not be paid because they were deployed. Some will need health care, including mental health care. Some will get help through the VA etc, but until VA benefits kick in there’s a period of time they could use a hand up. The AyreWolvez will be there, the question is, will you be there to help the AyreWolvez as we help our brothers and yes sisters in arms coming home?

When you say you support something, mean it. Lip service is nice, but its not real support.

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