Sunday, August 11, 2013

Just what are those little bugs?


So there was, dreaming of Selena Gomez, and I get this tingling sensation in my nose. Naw it wasn’t Selena, although that’d be nice, but it was this super near micro sized bug that had flew up my nose.

So got that out and all fine. But it seems even with a near and I mean really near antiseptic level clean house, you still get bugs.

Now I’d spray for these little critters, thing is I don’t know what they are and can’t take a pic, nor pick em up long enough to do a bio scan to see what they are.

Any way, am doing what most do on a Sunday, rest. Got a busy week out at A1 cleaning, plus doing some fixing on one of our spray birds so taking it very easy , taking regular blood readings for sugar level, and watching Internet TV.

Speak at ya’ll L8R Aviators,

personal3southern wyngs

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--Benjamin Disraeli
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