Thursday, August 8, 2013

Another Day in the deep end of the pool

Got some time in the air today, which is always good. Nothing like seat time flying for an old Marine aviator. There's something to the minds relief when the earth falls out from under you and you see nothing but clouds. So was in the air until mid morning when reluctantly I had to tend to studio duties.
So the first thing I got, was a call from SpeedConnect, one of their techs, did some fiddling with the modem, and while its working a bit better there is still some throughput and fading of signal issues, but acceptable. 
Which leads me into this. SpeedConnect seems to work better during the day, about 09:00 to 13:00 or so, and from 02:00 to 04:00 hours. Before that or after that it aint much better. So that being that, the broadcast gurus here decided I'd do my bits during those hours, so as it is, WyldAyre Radio, from 09:00 to 13:00 and HazzardAyre Radio from 02:00 to 04:00 .
Got the quotes back from our broker for a T1, but that came in a bit high and working with A.T.& T. after their Cell phone unit screwed me three years ago, does not exactly inspire me to reach out for that, especially at near $1500.00 a month. There's another one that runs $350.00 a month that's supposed to give us 45mps, so going to try that. Not cutting the cord between us and SpeedConnect just yet, but need to find something with more horsepower than what SpeedConnect can deliver. So that is a work in progress.
The end goal at least from us to you, is to deliver the retired and active duty military aviator and warbird enthusiast the information and news you need as well as the entertainment value your expecting from us. Both online and eventually OTA. When it comes to HazzardAyre, the dedication to task of being the most aggressive voice of Southern heritage and culture, is paramount. We will continue to work with Dixie Broadcasting, but also providing a bit more spice where its needed in a more Hazzard County, fight the system attitude. 
Noticed that Rural TV/RFDTV, is aggressively pushing the new launch of their SiriusXM ch-80 Rural Radio channel. Saw the hosts of what is branded as Western Radio Roundup of all things PBR and rodeo. Which I applaud, take a PBR clown, really a clown, with a real hottie, put em in a studio in Nashville and pour it out on satellite radio. Great, my question is; where is our in studio hottie? We need one. I'll bet we pay more than RFDTV does too. 
I often think as I lay in the bunk at night, is Twin Falls Idaho, the place to fire this up from? Would we in fact be better off doing this even in Pocatello or Idaho Falls, rather than Twin Falls, or better yet us in Nashville, Atlanta or even Salt Lake City? Would there be any greater amount of human resources in those locations? I always wonder this. While I'd like to say keep on it here, there are those frustraiting days, that I ask myself is this even worth it here? After all the Twin Falls that was when I started in radio or even going to the degree of when the first note of music came out of the antenna in Hazzard in 1983 with Dixie Diesel Radio, is far different that the Twin Falls of today. Back then one didn't have the restrictions of a female mindset that thought that just because they came to where someone lived, that they were going to get their virtue attacked. Today it seems one has to be in a full studio, with near armed guards for these hotties even to look past the obvious, and say , "I'll give this a try". 
The battle continues.
Well time is that I need to hit my rack, see ya'll on the radio in the morning.
L8R Aviators,