Monday, December 17, 2012

The art of fishing is about like the art of casting.


The art of fishing is about like the art of casting for our radio operation or the honeys for our videos, pin up girls etc.

Being patient is one thing I don’t have but I’m gaining a huge respect for old Uncle Jessie besides Brailsfords pond in Hazzard. We’d sit there for hours, I’d get restless and Uncle Jessie would swat me with a switch and say be still and quiet.

Catching fish though is much easier. The fish have a really good idea of the outcome when they’re getting reeled in.

Females looking to get a job with us, get spooked on several levels. One its an ad from CraigsList or Explore Talent, just posting services, second the radio station is housed in where I live, simply because as grand as Twin Falls is, I ain’t yet convinced that the area is quite stable and rebel enough to handle KDXB, so to save bucks the workings of the station is in where I live. Should we gain enough of a hot female staff and all , there is a place a few blocks here that is able to handle our media firm, which will be inside where the Reaper Club will be here.

Now then, there is the issues with the modeling talent.

Pin Up’s and all. There must be something that misses the brains of most people especially women, when it comes to the simple thinking of what it is we look for.

The simple logic, is: If it’s a gig for the Knytes-of-Anarchy or the AyreWolvez , one damn well knows the gig involves shapely legs, nylon stocking small damn feet dainty toes and high heels. Along with a halter top. Hey its in the Hazzard image, Daisy Duke and all, and that tradition is something we aim to maintain.

Next if any gal ever thinks I’m going to get kinky, with them I have urgent news , ain’t going to happen. In fact this is about as kinky as it gets,>>>The real Nurse GoodBodyor>>just me and Nurse GoodBody.

If I need to get laid, the truck $300.00 and a trip to Wells Nevada gets that job done.

But I really wish that the gals and all that call me regarding our job openings would be serious or don’t even bother me.

I don’t care, since if by late February 2013, no local on air talent, we scavenge from the network and break it up into one 6 hour gig, one 12 hour shift, and the rest from the network in Atlanta. Same goes with the models, nobody shows in a skirt and hose, the club hires from salt Lake City or Hollywood, when the city fathers and county grandpas start bitching why did you not hire from here, I’ll just say , hey we tried, but these Idaho gals just like to tease a lot and are not serious. So why do we pay $50.00, an hour for radio gals? Simple I want the best on air and am willing to pay for it, that is if there are any to hire here. Got one nibble from one up in Sun Valley or something says she’s coming down Tuesday, really? I told her prior to her coming here, she ought to take a pic of herself in the Hazzard style of threads, and email me, along with a contact phone number. I guess sending a strange Wolf her phone number is reaching, but shute I ain’t going to be bugging her, I just want to have a contact number, put it in the file, and be done with it. Told her to call , I’m hoping she calls while I’m on air tonight . Then I could chat with her a bit. After all driving down here from Sun Valley is touchy in weather like it is, she ought to call, heck that’s common sense. Is she HazzardAyre or WyldAyre Radio material? Let you know. Same goes with this gal from I guess up around Boise or MH. Says she’s interested, so call me, my phone is always on.

736-9653-212-9653 Its not that difficult.

I just hope we have put out the right bait, to catch the right fish, this time.

I’ll know when a gal shows up to the house, does this>>welljusthush so I can do this I LUV TOEWZ so that simple minds get the idea that the word tow means Lexi in green and

not:sweet toes1as in the word toe, which is why we spell the word toew. That’s when I know we have the right talent both on radio and for video.

L8R Ya’ll

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