Friday, December 14, 2012

I wanna see an ad on TV like this:


I want to see , just once on some late night TV thing or online an ad from a company that unites and matches up male and female pilots. The ad would look like this>….ayremate ad1 You know a service like all those you are bombarded with on Facebook and your yahoo email inbox.

From to Christian Singles there’s a hundred if not more outfits some reputable some not so, like Plenty of Fish, that only matches tweekers with other meth heads, from my experience. Never matched me up with anyone worthwhile.

More over I have see biker match making firms out there, the list is huge, but how about one targeting us in aviation? How about matching up pilots with other pilots, or at least those into all forms of aviation? More over let us take it for a test hop, b4 we rake out money ? Let us do more than give a wink, or nudge, I want an outfit that lets you really talk via phone or chat with a pilot. If you’re a guy, you talk to lady pilots, if you’re a gal you chat with guy pilots, and so on.

This goes further, but this might be an idea that the club could run with and maybe win, for once.

Details at 18:00 Hours.

L8R Aviators,


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