Friday, December 14, 2012

Hot Chiquita wanted Apply here!!


I always wonder if you just put up an ad for female model talent,

if you flat just said it in plain street speech, hey Hot Chiquita’s wanted for TV ads and magazine ads?

Now then.

Gave the boot on the head shrink, besides being adversarial, and all she flat spoke out and said she would not give me the part of my med exam, that I need to get back in the air.

Now understand the FAA , approved me, the UCSMC approved me, the list goes on, but events like today with the idiot who goes into a school and open fires, all it takes for some people is just one more thing, one more insult, or argument, even something not in agreement, like trashing ones dream. This is NOT the way an experienced shrink does things.

The thing is the gal has limited training and even limited experience. She moved here from Lost Wages Nevada, and the only reason I started seeing her was to get things in line where I control my own bucks.

So I flat got up, looked at her said, if you wont I'll find someone who will and walked out and I don’t plan on returning.

There ought to be laws of students and interns taking on clients before they get more air miles on them.

I say that too, because there are people that think I’m running on a stripped timing chain, when I search for honeys for money to get the word out about both the Knytes-of-Anarchy as well as us here in the AyreWolvez.

Now I wish for Heavens sake there was a central phone number here that one could call, have talent show up, shoot the ad, give em their money and they be on their way. I’d give up my next bi annual air inspection for that, but guess what? Twin Falls has no such agency or resource.

Then there are all the gals that tease all over the place from bars to the Magic Valley Mall, that would look dynamite on video, or film, but never do because of the fear of some scam.

Which brings me to the point of this entry.

If we in the AyreWolvez are having trouble in this regard, perhaps others are too. What if there was an agency established through the club, that trained both gals and some guys to be on camera, both for ads as well as broadcast. They pay US for the training but we give that money back in wages for using that training in the clubs promo projects?

Of course the agency would have to be ran by a female figure head, so that Miss Ryding Hood don’t think she’s going to get ate by this big bad wolf.

So I ask, Hot Chiquita’s wanted apply here., see our ad on and on Craigs List.

L8R Ya’ll

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