Sunday, December 16, 2012

Ya’ll want to say byte my ass, but you can’t.


Okay so I must be everywhere, but so many outlets are so fearful of retribution I don’t get out there in the main stream of news web sites.

Case in point, went to to post a diddy of the fact that the press concentrates on big cities and such that the small towns either get ignored or just plain get the , “ I don’t care attitude” from Google’s news search or Yahoo’s news postings. I said ya’ll know there IS a nation between California and Washington DC. Here in Idaho there ARE towns between Boise, and Salt Lake City. Even here in the Magic Valley even our grand Times News forgets there are other places here than just Twin Falls and maybe Burley.

Yes I know, the reason you, yes YOU read HazzardAyre and this publication WyldAyre, both published by us here at the Knytes-of-Anarchy/AyreWolvez, is because we dare publish things and write things that all too many are scared of , because some high polluting advertiser will pull an ad. So our news don’t get published.

The same fear though was increased in 1998 of the local press here. A dear friend, who sold us the software and taught the ways, that made both HazzardAyre/WyldAyre possible, started a little publication in Gooding Idaho called Monkey Bizzness.

I took the publisher to lunch a few times, she put in a couple of columns of mine, then called me one day asked if I wanted to buy her paper and all that went with it. I did, but left it resting.

I moved back to Utah, vowing never to come back here to nogo Idaho, but a gal held my nose to her pantyhose and drug me back here and ya’ll know the rest of the story.

In 2009 when I moved to Buhl, reluctantly , I dug out the Monkey bizz software, and instead of the infamous Hazzard County Gazzette, we put the news of Hazzard County, and the Knytes-of-Anarchy coupled with the AyreWolvez and rolled out HazzardAyre in the winter of 2010. Then in 2011 decided that HazzardAyre needed a slightly nasty version, so using the EasyRiders business model, replacing scoots for warbirds, and launched WyldAyre both online as well as in print, in April of 2011.

So I wrote this thing in yet after going back tried a search, no could find, must be some college kid, trashed it or weekend computer gremlins. But quite frankly, if I had been or was one spending big bucks in advertising, bet your next com inspection, that my posting would be up there. Just like the think that one gal was supposed to do, which got trashed by the way, by that gal from the Times News, if I was a big time advertiser in the Times News, bet your next tarmac call, that our article would be on nearly page one or two. Like they have anything worth .75 for to read anyway.

In both cases many, myself included wants to flat tell these types of outfits to kiss my grits, imagesbut you can’t because just like my PapaWolf taught me, the outfit you cuss out today, might be the outfit you need to ask for a job from tomorrow.

But the question I have is, have we became so much of a capitalistic society, that hordes cash rather than treasures good journalism?

To which I reply to my PapaWolf’s teachings, and say to theses same reporters and papers and even KMVT, You can ignore that’s okay, but don’t come to us later in life and ask for a job, or to buy advertising in the future. And do I have an example? Yep, Twin Falls Hot Rod Shop had ads running on KMVT, KMVT got smug with me a call and email from the Knytes, which Ricky was working for and a Knyte, pulled their advertising both on KMVT as well as the Times News. Including that of the Gooding County RaceWay. Magic Valley SpeedWay is also owned and managed by a member of the Knytes-of-Anarchy, you at KMVT and the Times News wanna try for strike two? Keep ignoring our club, and Eddy will pull his ads too.

Yep, we all wanna say byte my ass/kiss my gritsimages But ya’ll can’t.

L8R Ya’ll


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