Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Babes and Ayre Craft


There is a long going debate on where and when art was applied to military aircraft.

The origin goes back to 1913 with a stork.

The main purpose was to readily identify friendly aircraft from the enemy. But evolved into much more to help rather deserted and remotely stationed pilots and military in even further remote bases. These designs usually of cartoon characters translated into movie starlets of the time. Greta Garbo, May West and so on. The idea was to make military pilots feel a bit more at ease by seguaying into these remote bases a sense of home.

While it’d be a real stretch to see many women being painted on modern in service byrds, its not uncommon, to see such designs on our restored warbyrds, even to our bikes, or as in my case to LexiBelle, my toew(mis-spelled on purpose). I have the design , just not the model to paint from.

Any flyte, every year the AyreWolvez Military Aviation Association, goes in search of a select few sweet bodies to photograph as well as design nose art from. When I say nose art, this does not mean a tattoo on someone's nose. It’s the art that goes on the body or near the prop of an aircraft. Hence the definition of the term Nose art.

While not usually denoted, bikini’s are not used much. More like military uniforms, that are modified to enhance the look of a particular model doing a rather racy but not porn pose that can then be transferred via air brush to an aircraft.

These kinds of projects are why such behemoths as the Times News of Twin Falls Idaho and even KMVT 11 are rather gun shy about giving us in the Knytes and especially the AyreWolvez any public ink. Not that I really give a squat. Since we publish both online and print for both HazzardAyre as well as this one WyldAyre. Hey we tell the news that few, that are so LDS, that it squeaks butt cheeks, or scared of offending same, that these media outlets will never, ever publish us. I could walk in either office with a million bucks, and I’d be chased outta there via shotgun.

The other day , though and I felt rather proud, a pal of mine and I were out checking the sites of the Magic Valley Mall and through the food court, me with my AyreWolvez jacket and my pal with his Knytes-of-Anarchy jacket, people were really checking us out going oh and awe, with respect.

Getting back here, I bring this idea of nose art up

0807039_2 Aircraft20Nose20Art_21FLYING SKIRTnighthawk6_440539131_265667446866703_2116583541_nVICIOUS VIRGINnoseartpic Such stars as Rita Heyworth, Bettie Davis and others were the choice picks for nose art, but even cartoons such as Betty Boop were popular picks, for pics.

The simple fact is, men like myself who strap on a aircraft and fly into battle are genuine men not neutered geeks, who think on all to stressed politically popular or correct. Military aviators like a bit of spice to the chili as well as to the sides of our warbyrds and that includes choppers and I’m talking of choppers that fly. Yet despite this, many in our Tragic Valley of Idaho, think with a all too conservative and religiously restrictive mind. Thus try to get things like this in the Times News , I guess we are not yet the royalty of Twin Falls(yet) .

But the youth and college kids dig us.

More overnight, but been up all night. Only woke up to allow the guy from our local Telcom to come in to hook me up to the Internet.

Just wish the Times News would pay me the $100.00 or $50.00 an hour, for taking up my time to interview for an article they had no intention of publishing.

More L8R Aviators,

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