Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Don’t say things you have no idea about


The other day in amongst going through the dance of changing over the utilities from Charlie to me, the suggestion from Charlie to his lady was, that I may be prone to not always telling the truth came up.

In all ways I have been and will continue to be 200% honest with Charlie in all things, nor will I ever pilpher from the man, but it goes with something we all do, and something I have been working at, not judging . Not only from outward appearances to conversation, do not tell someone they are a liar, nor a thief or even unscrupulous. You really do not know.

When I think of this, I remember this old man that used to wear, albeit tattered and worn, but a sport coat, a rather worn tie, pushing an old grocery cart, around Pocatello.

Each day he’d walk past the JB’s Big Boy there, digging up old bottles, cans and antiques. I’d just comment and say something stupid, like, “look at that old bum.” Come to find out the guy was worth several million dollars, lived in one of old Pocatello’s stately homes, and had financial interests all over southeastern Idaho. Including a shop I rented in Inkom one year.

Yet you’d never would have known it.

There are many like that. From outward appearances some look like they have zillions in the bank and living life to the fullest. New tow trucks, pick-up’s, fancy house the works. Yet are so far in debt that the income to debt ratio is quite askew. Then there are those and I might fall in this group. Drive older, but fully paid for rigs, do okay money wise. But are happy and can find enjoyment in the simplest of things.

While I have thank Kahless(God) above in Stovacore(Heaven) been blessed with a mom and dad who through many years of serious labor, and military service, was able to command a mini empire, I in turn was able to experience and be part of so many things, from my first flight at 7 years old with me in the pilots seat, to hanging around the control tower at Hill Air Force Base, to the multitude of radio experiences that I enjoy most. I have been able to rub shoulders with country music and rock celebrities , but the most enjoyment I have in life, is not always in the air or the cockpit, but the drivers seat of LexiBelle, with a tow on the hook, full tanks and Lexi tuned to perfection just cruizing down the big road.

Now was I hurt a bit by what Charlie said in the office the other day? Yes. But I healed, he’ll learn in time that what I say is real. After all, all he needs to do is ask Ricky, but I’ll get over it.

The only thing I don’t understand and there might be something to this, is why Charlie wont put me in one of his trucks, and make me part of the full tow crew. Sure I need to learn more on using newer equipment. Yes I do know old skool tow gear and all better than many he has working for him, but I don’t have a criminal background, I don’t have even one citation on my driving record, never taken, or use narcotics, plus I have 35 years in this business of towing. Co wrote the Idaho Towing lien law, am fully Wreck Master, and RoadResque certified. And I’m over looked just because of a bad week two years ago?

But that said, I trust Charlie past anyone I know, to the point Charlie rented me this super swell house, and is taking care of my finances concerning SSI benefits and such as my payee.

That said, though. Maybe its time, I get serious on resurrecting Dixie Toewing along with the rebuild of AyreWolf Aviation.

On that, the decision is still pending on that. the Court overseeing the final parts of Mom & Dads estate, which gave power of AyreWolf Aviation to my second cousin Gordon, when the Montgomery Trust was frozen pending a law suit we are still waiting final payments of.

However, even if right now, Gordon was to call, email, whatever and say AyreWolf is fully yours, not just namesake , but yours to run, where would I put it?

There is no space in the immediate Magic Valley on any airport, to build a hangar big enough to house our 6 aircraft. In fact one would be hard pressed to find anything able as far as an airport in Idaho to house it. So that’d mean leaving the byrds in Bountiful Utah where they are now. Sure there is Glenn’s Ferry but everyone knows how I feel about anything me going there. The only way that hurt and scab could be healed would be , if the Elmore Sheriff, Glenn’s Ferry City Council especially one council-person, and the entire bunch of people that tried to keel haul me, for what ever reason, back in 2008.

So what’s left? Still busting ass for and of the Mini Cassia area, although as soon as Lexi is fully healed, then looking at the north west area of Magic Valley to relaunch Dixie Toewing.

In the meantime its build the radio operation in both Buhl, and Burley, and looking at placing a studio back in Gooding.

More on that Friday here on WyldAyre.

Also next entry, the Miss AyreWolf and the 2014 shewolvez project.

Stay tuned.


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