Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Yippie Skippie

AYRENOTES HEDDER  wyldayre hedder

So there I was, inside Anchors Bistro awaiting for our meeting to start, and despite all the new personnel changes, and the fact Emme don’t work there no more, as I reported a few weeks ago, Emme Lee, flew the decrepit valley for the city of trees, and so I’m getting used to a sorta new crew.

Then this drunk dude, I know what else do you expect at a bar cept a drunk, but this guy was really disconcerting to the gals working there and rather obnoxious. I kept wanting the meeting to start so I could excuse myself. Despite the fact the guy was wearing a Army ball cap he wasn’t behaving anything proper. Guess that’s the difference between a Marine and Army.

So the meeting started. The reading of the minutes, the pledge to our Confederate States, which really raised eye brows, plus singing the Dixie national anthem, really got people looking.

Many things to go into and will in the AM, but I’m not running too good, kinda tipsy, so headed for bed.

Internet is hooked up , but it ain’t the speed nor bandwidth, that I was looking for. Wanna guess how long this lasts?

So waiting for the club to pay Cable One bill off, then go that way, but am looking into other providers.

Thought I’d get a response from the Times News by now, guess not. But then I really never expected to.

Tried to access Dixie Broadcasting, but either the network is down or something cause it wont play. In both cases, aren’t ya’ll glad you have HazzardAyre, and us on WyldAyre?

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