Thursday, December 20, 2012

Oh and did I mention this big bad Wolf is soon getting hitched?


With all the hullaballoo on all this talent search for on air and pin up gals for the club, this old big bad wolf, found a mate.

So to put those applying for our jobs, this old canine is off the market.

You rarely find this in a relationship in this business, that is sacred and sincere that you wonder, where was she all this time?

Added to the mate are 6 wolf pups joining my inner circle Wolf Pack, yes she has kids, and maybe ready to go for 7 in having my own young wolf pup.

I knew when she walked in she was different. Sure our Miss Nurse GoodBody, was special too, but Helen is truly different.

We took to each other like a glove to a hand. I was enchanted first by her eyes, and oh yes my kryptonite , her feet and toes? Oh yes, daintee. Her toes are so small they look like tasty and yes I sampled , but as sweet as marshmallow's .

When I took her on a tour of our facilities as we chatted , we instantly gained much in common with enough uncommon that it just fell together.

While I’m still being cautious as I should be here as in an old Waylon song said it best, be careful of someone who is just what you want her to be. But I couldn’t help it. Especially when I brought up the subject of cohabitation she did not say no, or I’ll have to think about it, but hey okay.

If one were to say that I’m nearly 360 from where I was last year at this time you’d be right on target.

Last year at this time I was facing utility cut off’s, no phone, no nothing, having to scrounge for nearly everything and not caring at all if I woke up in the morning or not.

Even living at both the Powers and Evergreen while nice as it was, and all , and I’ll always be thankful for John who manages the places patience with me and all, I’m now living in a nice place, have plenty to eat, running tows and building a life, and yes of course overall Helen,>>>>My lady Helen and kids<<<<<<< is who made me what I am now. Funny how much a slight change of environment can change a person. Ain’t it.

So maybe I forgot, but Oh and Did I say I’m getting hitched? For once this little Red RydingHood wasn’t scared of this big bad Wolf.

L8R Ya’ll

Quote of the Day:
WAIT! Nature calls!
(in the middle of a ping-pong game)

Luke 2:6-7“While they were there, the time came for the baby to be born, and she gave birth to her firstborn, a son. She wrapped him in cloths and placed him in a manger, because there was no guest room available for them.”

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