Saturday, December 15, 2012

Meeting Celebrities


Meeting celebrities can be somewhat intimidating but is way cool.

However after the fact you realize they are after all humans that as great and sparkly as they are on stage and screen, their arm pits smell too.

Case n point.

When the only one in the newsroom at KLIX able to hustle to Salt Lake City to interview Miss Barbara Mandrel that year was me.

Of course I was in awe of her. She had an incredible voice, her curls so soft and inviting, but then came the time for our back stage Q&A and she took off her sweater, and whew, arm pit pew. I nearly gagged.

Of Course there was the time that sweet Kathy aka Daisy Duke came to the Utah AutoRama for the year we took our Gen Lee to that show. She was there, and after months of watching her on TV she was right there in the flesh, in front of me. She didn’t smell bad , in fact the opposite she smelled like vanilla and lilacs. But the fact she was by all respects a celebrity, yet was as personable as any could be.

While it would be queer to say that Waylon Jennings when I met him the first time smelled purtty, still he was intimidating. The king of outlaw country music, and all , long before the Dukes thing.

Come to find out Waylon wandered over much of this great area of both Idaho here and Utah in his early years of his career. Even worked on the radio station I got the bug from KART AM 1400 Jerome.

Now then, it was brought to my attention, that for our brother club the Knytes-of-Anarchy’s TruckFest West in 2014 that it is being set up that the Dixie Diesel Shop will host the super hot lady gear splitter Lisa Kelly from the History channel’s Ice Road Truckers.

The idea I could get to chowing down at Anchors with her makes me feel like a kid.

Then of course there is the counter celebrity situation.

While not as known on TV, ye ole AyreWolf here has been on more radio stations across this nation, than just about any high flying canine . As such , though celebrity status is like looking at a astronomic star. Sure it looks great all sparkly and bright, but in reality, a star is just a radioactively charged ball of gas that on the outside looks grand under the surface is just a ball of gas, no substance.

Even celebrities when the mic goes off, the stage lights go dim, the camera red light goes off, we still need to eat, sleep and well shit.

We need cash to pay rent. So we work, in my case , when not on the air, when not in the air, I’m on 6 wheels going towing.

Oh and yes, in reality, even hot girls’ feet do smell even if they wear nylons.

Miss AyreWolf/SheWolvez talent search, going but very slow. After just a few days very few calls, and only one email reply to the ad on Craigs list, none from Explore Talent.

More on that overnight, I’m going back to bed.

L8R Ya’ll


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