Thursday, December 13, 2012

Another day, and another foggy night, life in Idaho


Before I get off the tarmac this evening want to say to Brian the weather guy at KMVT, thank you for at least emailing me back. Maybe there’s a chance of some healing between our two forces yet.

I would like to see something on the weather about aviation weather. While certain conditions might be okay for most viewers having weather dealing whether to fly or not, whether the conditions are VFR or IFR , whether icing on wings at certain elevations or altitudes would be helpful.

There are a lot of pilots, many private pilots that would enjoy such. More over appreciate these things. And who would add ads to the news if such were presented? Besides our club and AyreWolf Aviation, I can think of Reeders Flying Service, Twin Falls, Silverhawk Aviation Twin Falls, AirPower Unlimited , Jerome. Ya’ll get the idea.

Okay with that said lets look at us and the main TV station here.

Without doing a full bio of me, understand that back in the good old days of media here, KMVT was KLIX TV , housed in the same building as KLIX AM 1310, and absorbed KMTW FM that became KLIX FM.

I was in one part of the building on air overnights on weekends , KMVT was just beyond or the other side of the wall. I could hear them, and I know they could hear me.

When the TeenAge Truckers Association absorbed the JR-14 CB Club, in 1977 KMVT was very much open to doing at least a story or two a year of the clubs activities. In short, we got along with KMVT and KMVT got along with us.

Charlie Tuma built his Tabernacle station studios near Kimberly , and KMVT bought the Sierra Life Insurance building on Blue Lakes Blvd. Lee Wagoner became station GM, and from the get go did not like our club. I have yet to figure out why, whether that was from a religious point of view or fear of retaliation by the dominant religion here, since we did like featuring hot women in our ads. Why not? Truckers and for certain Dukes of Hazzard fans, that ran by the way on KMVT back in the day at 7:00 PM Friday nights, but hey there’s Daisy, we put gals up who looked like Daisy, the rest well , not history but legendary.

Then there was that fateful day that one of the members poised the idea of me doing a gentile Cinderella style kiss on the toes playing on the words toe and TOW. In our ad tag , it says we luv toews. Something about someone smooching toes seemed rather off or exotic to Lee, so the ads while aired elsewhere, never made it to KMVT.

Life took me away from small town Twin Falls including Hazzard(Hagerman) and upon my return, after finding quarters for everything, and finding out Lee was no longer GM (General Manager) of KMVT, Mr. Pruitt, was GM. So I made an appointment, went over to meet him to bury the hatchet and try to work together, buy ads for my outfit as well as ads for the club. I pitched the idea of a Miss Hazzard contest out at the Magic Valley Mall, with Chris’ response being such things exploited women, and he’d be no part of it. However in just a few weeks after, the CW Network sought local talent for America’s Next Top Model, KMVT owns the local CW station here. So KMVT stages a local talent search also at the mall, for ANTM . ANTM, exploits women much worse than being Miss Hazzard County ever would, but Mr. Pruitt was okay with the CW contest but not us. That was one nail in the coffin. The next came after we poised doing more truckers news on TV, what does KMVT do, takes the story I wrote puts a camera out on the Interstate, and verbatim read the copy I wrote for HazzardAyre. At least they could have came and talked to us. That was the final nail in the coffin.

Over the years I have seen good and bad come out of KMVT. One great reporter that I never have found out where she went, was an anchor on KMVT, she had a precise and exact delivery that man or woman , she was broadcast prime, her name ? Michelle Darcy. I heard that she and news director Joe Martin had heated words and so Michelle left.

I have seen our concepts used on KMVT , but hey, KTOW did it first.

Such as the early morning show running a husband and wife team, but hey, our Miss Nurse GoodBody and I were already doing that on our sister station in Gooding. That station was KAWR(Ayre Wolf Radio) FM 105.7. Which goes back on the air in March as KDXB (Dixie Broadcasting) in Buhl. KTOW will go AM at 1090 on the dial.

I guess , my thoughts are simple here, and maybe too simple, but I’d like to see a new year that the Knytes-of-Anarchy that includes us here in the AyreWolvez, get along with KMVT, I’d like to see KMVT’s news team just once do a story on both clubs, and I’d love to enhance that by putting money where my mouth is, in running local ads on their newly acquired FoX station during FoX’s coverage of NASCAR including the Daytona 500.

Oh and yes I did see that one of the reporters took a ride in a military aircraft during a story for the Twin Falls Airshow, this year. So here’s my pitch on that. They took a ride in a F-18, how about taking a ride in a vintage F4U Corsair? The AyreWolvez can arrange that.

In closing our club is much more than a renegade biker, hot rod, aircraft group. Much more, it’d be nice to have KMVT let us tell our story.

Installing new avionics in a helo in the morning so need sleep, but to close, I don’t HATE KMVT, I think overall they do the best with what they got, the news and other departments need for the GM and such to take their thumb off their backs so they could do things a bit hipper. More over us as a club , to mend fences with KMVT or the other way around, and if you think I’m holding my breath for that, don’t because if I did, I’d turn blue.

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