Saturday, December 15, 2012

Oh really now?

AyreWolf Knytecide hedder

So there I was watching KMVT’s Sports which needs a real sportscaster who looks into more into motorsports than they do, but hey , KMVT does the best that they can with what they got.

So cruised over to my Facebook page and here’s an ad for something called, Are You Interested( which says the same crap all the others do, join free, look over the stock, and send em a message free. Groovy, what they don’t disclose is to get the reply to your message, you have to pony up the credit card . In the want for complete transparency, I want to see one of those match making sites that they say all you get free is a profile. The rest means YOU have to pay for it.

Just once.

Now the AyreWolvez got together and thought hey what if we did the real thing here? How about, a real all free dating matchmaker site for us pilots and aviation enthusiasts? Our site means a simple reasonable and paper billable registration fee, but the rest of it is all FREE. Really FREE. No gimmicks and certainly no big bait and switch.

ayremate ad1 So you get the idea. So then looked in my Gmail account, where an ad that is for the reinstatement of YOUR Google AdWords account. So watched the 2 hour video. One of the things there is about being fully transparent. Okay, no spoofing or spamming, but here’s what gets me, and yes have not been able to go with AD Words since I set it up in Montpelier when we opened Highway Hooker Towing there back in 2005. First there was a argument with Google on the words Hooker. Thing is Hooker in this case refers to tow truck not lot lizard, but hey Lizard Lick Towing goes. Another subject for another time. Then we got punched out from AdWords, because we were looking for models for the Kat-House. Okay kinda kinky, but our shops name there was for repair and service of Cat Diesels , not a brothel. Ever since no matter the site, no AdWords, although many of my blogs here have that ability, but I can’t access it, my AdWords account. Yet no one could be more Transparent than this organization or my business is open and for public inspection 24/7/365. The other thing? For the practice what is preached here is that Google has more of the websites even taking ads from spammers, Hackers, and scammers than just about any other search engine, with Facebook and Yahoo/Bling coming in 2 and 3 respectfully.

My spam inbox is full of questionable content and scam ads. If I can get my AdWords account banned, how about not taking in ads from all those other shady advertisers?

So I’m working with this PPCRenegade outfit to see really what they can do, as I’d like to monetize and run AdWords on OUR real website, coming in April.

Well gotta go, need rest for the long haul first snow tow session coming Saturday night.

See Ya’ll in the Ayre,


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