Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Have we really improved?


B4 I get into my rant here, want to relay this.

As of yet haven’t heard anything from the Times News on

the so called interview or article yet, truth be known I don’t think we will hear anything as like all attempts at getting anything out to the public through normal press at least in this area goes to both deaf ears and blind eyes , but who really cares? After all the Times News like so many, will crap their drawers in February when KDXB goes on air. Then they can’t ignore us. Again it’ll be talk to the hand.

But I may be barking to soon, might see something out of it yet,

but if I hold my breath waiting for that so called article , I’ll turn blue. The question I have is simply, if they weren’t interested, why send a reporter here and I hold up my day for a maybe? We see.

When it comes to Internet connections, wifi sucks. Especially if your siphoning off of a low speed connection at McDonalds, like I have to right now. But dig this, come Tuesday will be hooked up again with Century Link and should be up to at least half speed any way. Question though even so, with DSL and even so called cable broadband are we much better than old dial up?

Any mile , long day today so I’m in the rack.

See ya’ll L8R Aviators

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