Thursday, December 20, 2012

I got up for this Why?


With Christmas parties abounding and a threatening snow storm on the horizon, the idea of seeing anything resembling me being upright and vertical before noon is a rarity, if even a reality.

But with incoming promo and in ops talent interviews and training I’m awake.

So previous night called a maybe talent offering that said she was going to be here at 11:00 hours. So with checks being at company HQ and all got up, most of the running around done, to be coherent at 11:00 hours I was.

Only to find I have to call my future employees to see if they’re coming is a real , only me thing.

There is a condition that I get in and I hate it when it happens, when I , have to be the one doing all the grunt work for new hires.

In my thoughts it becomes, you either want the damn job or not.

Of course when it comes to those that get under my skin, in a good way, I allow the authority thing to get covered up.

That being said , there comes a time too when the newness falls from the wrapping, and the dew dries off the lily, and you must become the boss, not just the friend or possible new hubby.

After all it IS me paying wages, and its me doing the training, and ultimately ME getting my ass cut off by the rest of the club if something goes askew.

One of those in the mix asked, how the hell can you pay those wages, you barely can keep food in your own mouth?

The fact is simply, it isn’t just ME. The wages for models, radio talent etc, are paid through a fund set up through the joint commands of both the Knytes-of-Anarchy and the AyreWolvez. This means it’s a collective fund , created with dues and sponsor support money each year.

In 2012 both clubs brought in just under $120, million. Which is good, this enabled a lot of projects to get in gear.

In 2011 we were not so well off.

But we managed. In all since the rebirth of the Knytes, and all, we have been gradually getting even stronger.

The decision in 2008 to rename and reimage the Knytes into the Knytes-of-Anarchy and The AyreWolvez from the BlackSheep Aviation Association were both good decisions. In many ways we began new organizations, based on the foundations of both groups, the Hazzard County Knytes and of course the BlackSheep.

Some things were retained, some were let go, and some just put on the back shelf.

The radio station network properties were retained. Some of those we sold off to make way for new territory or swapped for other broadcast signals. In all 25 stations carry HazzardAyre and WyldAyre Radio. In Idaho what is Confederate Star Media our media subsidiary owns 4 radio stations and are in negotiations for two TV stations , one in Pocatello, one in Lewiston .

In 2004 we linked up with a automotive enthusiast video production company that became Southern Steele Communications, who is our syndication distribution sub.

Enough history, the long and not too much longer of this, is the final is that out of a 24 hour day, it would be nice to have time to sleep, eat , and occasionally go to the head.

As I become longer in the tooth, those requirements become more so. The mind says yes the body says no.

This is why we go to so much to find, train and put into our mix only the best. Problem is our area is not surging with the trained or even remotely capable people.

So when conducting interviews it becomes needed I get my tired bones out of bed to conduct those interviews.

You know instantly if that person is radically minded enough to be on air, be on camera or even be around some of our radically minded gear heads and motor nuts, not to mention fly guys.

So when scheduling an interview I try for afternoons. But repeatedly many want mornings.

If I have to climb out of bed before noon, that person , had better be on time or within 15 minutes, or it’s a strike. I give 3 and after 3 , it’s a sorry, but .

So why post openings on Craig’s List?

After all, Craig’s List is somewhat known for some not too well intentioned job openings as well as scams.

In the past , we have albeit , only a rare few, but have had some success there.

In closing, I woke this morning for interviews, of two I had to repeatedly call them to see if they were showing up. In my opinion, if an entry level career opening at a starting wage of $50.00 an hour does not get you excited enough to be at an interview on time. Then don’t bother, I’m very capable of running this operation from the quiet spot in my house where the heart of the network has rested for 37 years.

Until L8R

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