Friday, December 14, 2012

AyreWolf doing the Red Eye Special

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Been doing the Red Eye special this morning. The Avionics install got cancelled but will do that Monday.

So was up waiting for the illustrious toew call, in doing so caught KMVT’s newscast in the morning. While the regular weather guy on the evening newscasts is good, the guy in the morning, ah, not so much. I don’t think he is a certified weather guy, but he does try so E for effort.

So after gathering weather information and determining today was not too good for flying stayed up and watched our name sake show on Hulu.

Now here’s my thing. With so many delivery points for TV any more can , or should any TV station worth their ad dollars, shun other ad dollars just because of a slight philosophical difference, or a simple personality conflict? I don’t think so.

Granted radio as in our realm is not as picky. After all radio has only a few other outlets or delivery reception points, either Over the Air, Satellite XM Sirius, or internet streaming, that is available on such devices as Ipods and mobile receptors. But nothing replaces local radio. Neither should local TV be replaced, that’s part of the problem with seeing the death of Analog TV. But even so, should TV stations, just kick the small business guy to the curb?

Sure all TV stations even radio stations, love the big bucks from the big retailers, car dealers etc, but remember even Wal-Mart started out as a small business.

I hear from KMVT’s own mouth, that the goal is to do business locally. Buy local services from local business’s. Okay fine, so here is AyreWolf Aviation, Dixie Toewing and Hazzard County Choppers that over the last 20 years or better hasn’t lost much if any money or business. Granted, the death of my parents caused a ripple, sure there was a guy in Utah controlling the purse strings, that duty is now done here in Twin Falls. Club members know who that is.

But going on we do well, but the club of which is a group started by my company, and thrives is about to undertake a humongous membership and awareness campaign in 2013. I’d like to have KMVT be part of that, yet I can’t contact the sales force there, due to the verbal restraint order from the stations GM. But they could contact me, but its not just KMVT. Cable-One’s Ad department slammed the door shut, KTVB and KSAW don’t return phone calls, so what to do? Go national, buy ads elsewhere, and that smacks the words from KMVT of buying local, as Jive. I always say do as ye preach. But then no one else are the AyreWolvez, and as such nothing is as AyreWolf Aviation, or any part of it, because we do live what we do, not just put up a front and do otherwise.

Any flyte, eyes are getting heavy.

So lights out, but if TV as it says in so many publications is hurting for ad dollars and competition from such providers as Hulu around, can local stations like KMVT afford to give the one fingered salute to another local business? Maybe KMVT’s news department could break the ice and do something on our club? If I had to wager , I’d bet the odds of KMVT doing a story on us as zero and Selena Gomez being at AyreWolf AYreShow 2014, 30. Yes she has confirmed, more later tonight.

Why am I so tuff on KMVT? Simple our local and at right now at least until our media arm turns on KDOH TV in 2015, KMVT is the only local TV station. It could do more,but doesn’t . Why?

That in my next entry.

L8R Aviators,


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