Friday, December 21, 2012

If you want something done, do it yourself,


If you want something done, do it yourself, of course nothing beats the original.


Clicked on Warbird Radio( to listen in on Warbird Radio Live. Guess what after several attempts, the damn thing never worked.

Guess there is no longer a true live stream, from them, or in all fairness maybe their tiny podcast system puked. Who knows. Of course it says they’re available on Ipod and all that which is good, but if you can’t even stream the show, that’s supposed to be on demand, I was demanding but all I got was a screen full of computer code. So I gave up.

The bottom line? AyreWolf Radio/AyreWolf FM, is the first and consistent over the air all all the time radio for those who love to fly and treasure vintage warbirds and all that goes with it. Outside of maybe 8 times, AyreWolf Radio has always been on time, and on air. And we only have a part time staff of true retired military both Navy and Marine aviators, both on air, in engineering and research. We truly love to fly and we truly fly our owned and club owned warbirds. And we cover the gam moth of military aviation, from F4U Corsairs, to helicopters, from the Wyldcat to the Cobra we play the music, we report aviation news and just are that second seat inside your headset in that cockpit or out of your radio while your sitting at home digging us from your easy chair.

With that in mind, AyreWolf FM/AyreWolf Radio will be going online through our webcasts in two months. And we are gassing up our operation and really will get off the tarmac with that this year.

You’ll also be able to groove on the news of the world of aviation and the world . But most importantly, no matter how you tune in, through your computer or over your good old radio, we will be there, on YOUR DEMAND, and if not, we’ll have an entry to the blog telling you why. And oh yes, we are not as fussy, or as stuck up as some are.

On our next AyreWolf Radio program, you’ll here, how they really paint and airbrush warbird nose and body art.

On my final here, Come June, AyreWolf Radio, goes visual as well as radio, as we will be launching AyreWolf TV. An IPTV, or Internet Television Station.

Until L8R Aviators

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p.s.: Maybe Matt Jolley should have collaborated with us after all huh?

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