Tuesday, December 4, 2012

It’s no damn wonder


I was reading on Yahoo, about the demise or at least the decline in Microsoft. The article says Steve Ballmer’s nightmare is coming true.

Trouble is Microsoft has been going in the toilet since they got rid of Clippy.

clippy 3 In fact I’ll be right if I’d say the knife in the side, at least for Microsoft started with the now tarnished Windows Vista(7), that made Windows ME a gem.

The report says that Microsoft in fact PC sales are declining, in favor of Apple products, no damn wonder there. Between poor if even solid internet connections, especially in rural environments, the fact that IPAD sales are going through the roof, Windows phone went south because of poor wide spread $G coverage, that was supposed to come when Verizon influenced the FCC to steal frequency spectrum that gave the pukes to analog TV. The wide spread nationwide broadband Internet has not happened.

Especially here in Idaho.

While population numbers make a reason for big giant tech companies willing to invest money, still Idaho is no slouch. Colorado and even Utah was poor on the people numbers until a few forward looking political leaders and such said lets pull our heads out and do something.

But when I read such articles, I gotta say, It’s no damn Wonder.

Get good Internet, increase computer sales.

Next week AyreWolf FM goes back on ayre.

More on that Wednesday.


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