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Things nobody or few aspire to:

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Its amazing to me that celebrities who become grand, do not humble themselves and remember some great roles they were once in.

I thought about this last night after I recovered from a meeting stupor from way too much Bud Light. Thanks guys for getting me home.

So was watching the old OTR truckers TV series called Movin On , on Family Net/RFDTV here that had a gal on there that looked remarkably familiar. Belinda Montgomery played a wife of a family loosely based on Quakers. So did some Googling and remember where else I had seen her. On there it was listed and I remember , Belinda was Don Johnson’s estranged wife on Miami Vice, and Doogie Howzers mom, on Doogie Howzer MD.

But on Belinda’s list of credits there is no listing of the role played on that series. Which is all fine and dandy, but why not. Few shows were as right on, as Movin ON, that opened the door for such series’ as BJ & The Bear, where Claude Akins played Sheriff Lobo.

Of course I also remember too. That few if any of the original cast of the movie Hollywood Knights which is the origin of our parent organizations first name, Knytes-of-Anarchy.

225px-Hollywood_knights_movie_poster But none of that cast, lists the film in their credits, although at the time it was one of the best comedies and dramas on teen hot rod culture , even better than American Graffiti. Or Grease.

I for one am proud of my short stints on the Dukes-of-Hazzard that I list on my film and drama credits, just as I do, the radio shows I did here on then KEEP AM 1450 now KEZJ AM, of Twin Falls, or the time we sang two infamous Christmas carols on a 45 that got pressed from my days at the independent then station KLIX, now part of the corporate web of Clear Channel.

Speaking of radio. The FCC has posted that a small filing window will open in October, 2013. For all LPFM stations. There will be 150 spots open for new CP’s and station licenses. If we move quick we can file for at least 5 that will open here in our area, to help spread the gospel, of Kahless, as well as the Knytes, SAMCRO MC and of course us in the AyreWolvez.

Last night there was a mention again, of the multi hour toe kiss again for charity. The gig for those who don’t know has history too long to put in here, but the gig, is that playing on the words TOE and TOW that we combined via Emme Lee, giving us the word toew. The thing is looking up the thing on any web site,(there is no record) that setting the record of yours truly facing my fetish fill, to kiss a good looking honeys toes in nylon hose, and have sponsors of the club and outside pledge money for each hour , not minutes but hours, to set the record for the act of a guy kissing a gals toes in nylon hose, with the tag, we here at

KTOW(toe) FM loves toews, and those making a buck in a toew truck. The idea besides generating money for The Miracle Network, is also to get some public ink for the radio station as well as all the club, including us here in the AyreWolvez. So we are as a club considering and looking into the proper venue for same.

Another item brought up last night was assembling a model/talent agency. Teach the skills we need, have eligible talent pay money for training then give them a ready place to work in a paid gig. But the operation will have to be chaired by and overseen by one of the Ladies-of-The Knytes, members.

If one of us do it, the view will be to be too self serving.

Made peace with BLIP Printers so we’ll be getting some ink on paper done here, so be looking for that, including the illustrious calendar. Now just need to be scouting for rydes and gals to put on it. Not to be left out a AyreWolvez Calendar is in the thoughts. How about real life pin up gals with our warbirds. The response I got from the gal at the Times News, was that since it was only me howling the only thing going there would be some minor listing of our meetings, since only me was interviewed. But at least its something, but, imagine the Times News and others when we show up with a calendar of OUR byrds that are truly locally owned and flown, with area pin up gals. Which is why I was hoping for more than a slim listing to help break the ice to enable finding on film talent. But hey we’ll take what we can get.

Last, here, looking for a Knytes Hall/AyreWolvez Wolf’s Den here in Twin Falls.

While meeting at Anchors and all has been grand, maybe we need to expand a bit and look elsewhere. Anchors prices have really went up. My grub and brew last night, even at club discount, came to just under $25.00 .

I looked it up, Popeye’s has a franchise open here in Twin Falls area. What if we had a Popeye’s up front and our club meeting house in the back? Kinda like Drink a little brew, make a little love, chow down tonight thing. Popeye’s makes a few bucks, for the club, and we have a place. So looking back into the spot, we looked at b4. Across the singing bridge.

In closing, whether it be acting or even the club, it’s a shame we never give credit to the foundation or at least where the door was opened for us. Many don’t any way, thankfully The Knytes-of-Anarchy and AyreWolvez do give credit.

Confederate education, that in my next entry, and as I close any good looking gals out there with Cinderella sized feet and dainty toes that want to do the toe kiss thing, email me at . Oh yes YOU get paid for that by the way, @a rate of $50.00 an hour.

Busy day so I’m back in bed.

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