Friday, April 12, 2013

Yet here we are still and still legal


I’m going to try and make this quick as I’m on air and doing this through a network music break.

I was reading online about an outfit based in Meridian that got snagged for several fraud to mention a few charges.

DBSI a real estate conglomerate, that all in media championed as a economic wonder, got their tail caught in the screen door.

Now here’s what gets me. Our club is now 39 years old, never brought up on charges, always transparent, same goes for Dixie Toewing/Hazzard County Garage, yet we are condemned because the only off factor we have against us is we run hot women on our ads(again when we can find em) and one old tag gimmick of me smooching a gals toes in nylon hose playing on the words toe and tow.

Yet all these other , outfits that look like they’re all above board, are given press ink, and TV time. Don’t ya’ll think something is askew here?

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L8R Aviators,

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