Friday, April 19, 2013

So what’s with the eye candy stuff?

WYLDAYRE HEAD  Thoughts of Flyte Hedder

If you love rain your tickled pink, if you’re a farmer or an aviator, especially one who serves agriculture your getting real cabin fever and cockpit hunger.

Its been very wet across most of America, I don’t think there is anywhere that’s seen fully dry over the last month except for maybe a few days. Meaning no planting, so no need for flyovers dusting crops so I’m on the ground, on the air, as well as 6 and ten wheels toewing. At least it ain’t snowing. I know, don’t jinx it.

Alrighty then as Ace Ventura would say.

There’s a constant bitching of why Confederate Star is looking for women for various promotions, as well as in studio.

Bottom line, genuine Confederate American male corpuscles like women, and southern gals love guys, there ain’t none of this queer crap.

Going further, on our website for our streaming radio, I want something that catches the eye, not bores people. Plus think what would you rather see on a restored vintage warbird, a sultry honey, or a hairy old guy? Or a ten ton Tessie? Any questions.

Plus in studio, like I have said these quarters are very small, I’ll be damned if I’m going to share this studio with some fugdugly fat woman, I want shazam. Now then, sure , Stern’s Robin Quiver is not a fashion model, but she looks okay, and has a snappy personality. Problem around here that combination is just not available.

In Marine and Confederate vernacular, only the best will do, and we want the few, proud and hot, not the many, and fugdugly.

That said, there’s nothing all that kinky , and I’ll be damn if I ‘m going to do the mating up.

Nuff said, I’m outta here, its SHOW TIME!!!

L8R Aviators

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