Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Things you notice from the Ayre

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There are many things one notices from the ayre that you never see in front of you or on the ground.

Before I get into things, hey Speed Connect, get speedy in connecting with me there are issues.

Okay then, have a recruiting thing running on CL. So this one gal that I bet is huge and with kids and has a hubby inquired. Saying we were discriminating, by saying we only were hiring super hotties, without kids or hubby’s. Thing is its not discriminating. Its casting a role. Its like certain actors are cast to play certain gigs, and ours is not that much different, this is a gig. It’s radio, it’s a 5X10 studio of which I have to occupy with someone for six hours a day every day. We are poised to be on LIVE TV 24 7, via Internet, plus co-producing the new HeeHaw, thus the who ever , had better be able to deliver eye candy. Next the no kids no hubby. We learned the hard lesson on that last Christmas. Hubby wants wife at home with kids, wife has to do fill in during Christmas. Trust me it was complicated.

Then there was the trouble with finding child care while the gal came to work, or kids with nose runs, belly aches etc.. It’s a either or. not an also run.

So best way to sift the chaff from the wheat its, to say simply, no kids, no hubbys must be single, and having good looks a plus.

Okay noticed our fabulous miss Brandy is no longer running the CH-6 gig, but is working a ICU, in Pocky. She must love that commute from Soda to Pocky every Day.

I did however pitch our station manager job in AMF to her see what goes. Having someone that is drop dead hot, but is a seasoned pro, would really help both our TV as well as the radio station.

Finally, because of not only ours but other stations we will be starting a Radio Skills class at CSI. Teaching basic skill for broadcasting for both TV and radio.

Sign up by email, .

Any mile, at least SpeedConnect called, but might need to rethink this .

Still overall love SpeedConnect, so lets see if we can create a bit more stability.

Until L8R Aviators

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