Saturday, April 20, 2013

Interactive TV would be nice then you could ask, who is that old lady on the infomercial?


In review of this years NAB convention in Lost Wages Nevada, there was hype about truly interactive TV. Which might suggest a great thing for TV, real LIVE TV. Meaning actors, sitcoms etc would have real LIVE people.

The technology to immediately view and chat with someone there on the spot, would be ideal.

LIVE cameras on 24.7 both ways, they could see you, you could see them in real time. Okay great, cept, I’d hate it if I was on the crapper watching TV, and some sweet news gal came on. She could see YOU pinching one off. We could call it poop TV. Many news outfits have that now, CNN, FoX News etc. But only when you let em. The concept will be when they want. OOps maybe I need to buy new underwear. These shorts are to go to church in as they’re so holey.

Of course there’s those damn infomercials. Can you imagine sitting there scrunching down your Cheetos and watching and saying hey, get that old lady off of the Omega XL ads. She maybe done with aches and pains, but still looks like she ain’t had a bowel movement in a month. Put the hot blonde on.

Or those ProActive ads, hell yes I’d like to talk it up with some of the so called users of the stuff. I must say, on ProActive, many of those gals look better because they put on some make up and eye shadow and look good because of the $100.00 makeover they gave em before the recording of the infomercial and ads.

I remember when there was REAL LIVE TV, sitcoms and variety shows, when people laughed it was real, not some laugh track. About the closest thing they have now is the Tonight Show which ain’t gonna be anything now that Jay Leno is no longer on there. Best unearth Jack Parr, that’s all that’s going to fix that mess.

It’s like the local cable company here. While the local officers here don’t control everything, you’d think they’d use their brains. Cable-One in Pocatello, is the champion of Cable One. Despite Cable-One Advertising that really sucks since they thump the good book but sin so much its sick, Cable-One does something great in Pocatello, Access12 is what its called now, and is a great resource. Thing is, why can’t that be done here in Twin Falls? There’s what 5 or 6 last count, of channels no longer in use. 6 went dark after FoX was sold to 11, and KPVI gave up on Twin Falls, KSL no longer gets piped in, on ch-9, and forbids anything like our church from running their channels.

Try to get a straight answer out of the manager there or a call back, really? Never has happened yet.

That’s a subject for a different time.

I tried to get something on the order of calling their HQ in Arizona, but got a cold ear. There needs to be a serious remove and replace on the staff here in Twin Falls. You know that ad with the gal in the near hospital whites, that sezz , “It just makes Common Sense, doing some house cleaning at Cable-One’s Twin Falls office would make common sense.

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but then too just makes real common sense, aren’t ya’ll glad YOU have , HazzardAyre.

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