Sunday, April 21, 2013

Enter in the Wolf


Something that I have been keeping from many of you, my loyal readers is a thing we here at AyreWolf Aviation have been working on for about 8 months now.

While things Hazzard County and Dukes will be maintained through Hazzard County Choppers, sadly its rapidly becoming a need to let Dixie Toewing sleep. So we can now shed some light on the new name and all.

Enter in: BlackWolf Toewing>>>bwt door knob The BlackWolf thing is a combining of us as once BlackSheep, and AyreWolf, together.

The colors are still being worked on, but there’s been a need and its on its way.

BlackWolf Toewing will begin to serve eastern Idaho in June from American Falls, with terminals and yards in Grace, Soda Springs, Montpelier, Idaho. As well as in Blackfoot and Springfield Idaho.

BlackWolf will start serving the eastern half of Utah from Morgan to Coalville Utah, in February of next year. With the greater treasure valley area meaning Boise, to Sand Hollow, from Emmett Idaho.

The common threads? Hazzard County Choppers building old skool hot rods, classic trucks including OTR rigs, as well as classic iron Harleys. The other common thread? Of course us here at AyreWolf Aviation.

So be watching here for more in coming months.

Until L8R as I need sleep for Church, so I don’t sleep in Church.

Stay Tuned, remember we fly for Dixie.

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