Tuesday, April 9, 2013

No Miracle at least for me , but


So went to coffee with Ellie May, the big news, she’s having a pup? Yep a mini pup. (She’s PG) , so then the bomb dropped , the bomb. She got divorced from the Aussie, and hooked up with another dude. Funny, wasn’t I supposed to be second in line? Oh well I’m happy for her. Disappointed yes, but still I love her enough to let her be with who she wants. But engaged ain’t hitched, and things can be detoured and rerouted.

Okay. still reeling over the response to Emma Leigh. It’s funny this door opened here when it did. Annette Funicello passed away , this past Monday. Annette had several great songs to her talents. She started very young and became a super star. I see Emma being in that company.

Emma’s vocal range and sense to detail, to hit every note right on, is unimaginable for someone her age.

When most teens are doing bang your head rap, and all, Emma is truly singing. I remember when I caught Kelly Packer of Idaho Falls once at a battle of the bands in Blackfoot, once. She’s a star rising, but Emma is far away from Kelly. Emma is in fact light years ahead.

Emma can truly sing, her stuff as well as cover tunes.

Now some of ya’ll might think that this old Wolf is having a fantasy over a 16 year old girl. Not so, although I’d be entitled. Naw that’s not it.

I love music, from all places, gospel, rock, kountry. My favorite music of course is southern blue grass and southern rock. However I’m always open to new things from all genere’s .

When I caught Emma, on Virginia Dreams CenterStage (RFDTV) I thought this gal has got that IT , and WOW factor. Cute as the dickens, but more than another Taylor Swift, or Carrie Underwood wannabe. Emma is her own person and tops just about if not all contemporary female artist I have heard in years, and with 35 plus years in radio I know something about music trends. Sometimes ya’ll just know what you hear is the real gig, or just someone lip syncing.

Put new guy wires on the old tower this morning my it was windy out on that desert. Cold too. I bet it wasn’t over 30 out there. Electricians are working on the junction box at the Buhl studio.

Things are moving.

Ellie May is considering jumping back in the mix here full time, and my could I use a good PA here. I have pitched that to several people, especially, female , but no takers. Everyone wants a upfront or consistent pay check. Now I dig that we all have bills to pay, mortgages, car payments(cept me I own mine outright) and all the others. I know people need to make a living. So I’m cool with it. But doing part time work to add fuel to our fire here is a real step up for many, and a grand slam for the community , even if that community has no idea its good for them. Kinda like feeding kids their veggies. But we are not as bad as Brussels Sprouts, nor Broccoli, even cauliflower. We’re more in the Okra, green bean category. But ya’ll know what in the end we’re good for a Yankee Union in the west, that needs, REALLY needs, southern intelligence, and kids in school history class’ that need lessons on what the great war was all about, and learn that Abe Lincoln was a liar and cheat. That the real victory should have went to President Jefferson(Jefferson Davis) and Gen, Lee not surrendered. Imagine seeing all three flags flying over a courthouse or Government building. Imagine the southern liberty oozing out over our land. As well as Southern love of Jesus Christ flooding over these parched western deserts. That’s what we stand for, and what we give you on both HazzardAyre and here on WyldAyre Radio, and coming in the spring of 2015, HazzardAyre/WyldAyre TV.

So, no miracle for me with Ellie May,(oh I did get my hug) but who knows what the future holds there.

See you overnight on the radio.

Stay Tuned

L8R Aviators,

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