Wednesday, April 17, 2013

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So I get this email from someone who at first comes off snarling at me about how we discriminate. Really, its more creative casting.

The main thing she was grumpy about was that we want single none married gals, like we have never had married women involved before.

Fact is Nurse GoodBody is very married , but also very dedicated, to us and has been since she got involved in 2009. It was Ellie May, who, never asked questions, did both comedy bits and external talent searches and all without a billion questions. Even when I was updating our tow truck gag, by me smooching a gals toes, playing on those two words that we smunched together, Ellie May, only asked, Pantyhose or stockings, which threw me, as I thought they were the same thing. Her three kids treated me as an old dirty Uncle, and her husband packed my lunch along with hers. This is rare. Many guys, and hey I share it, the male human’s ego is really fragile, and very territorial. Few will let their lady show up at a house alone to do radio.

The other woman that was married, and got along, was Robin Whittaker’s aka Dixie Diesel 93, she showed up after a two line ad in Farm Times, and is still the standard I measure all by. She would never hesitate of going to the station at midnight or later to do a bit or write script.

Her husband Jeremy and I got along great. Again a rare situation.

I have nothing against women that are hitched , or have kids, what I do have is a problem with is some guy showing up at the studio, after he heard me sniffing his wife’s behind on air on a comedy bit, on air. I don’t like being threatened.

That’s why we cast no hubbys ,no kids, nothing that can or could interfere with the growth of HazzardAyre.

The only reason I’m pushing this now is that because in November not only will HazzardAyre be a recorded syndicated show but the heart of a LIVE radio station in Buhl. I need bodies that can talk and have a rebel attitude. So its recruit, interview, hire.

Until we see each other on the radio,

L8R Aviators

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