Sunday, April 21, 2013

No I’m not pickin on RFDTV


I got this on an email during my last music set.

Something that I’m always picking on RFDTV, hey I’m not picking on them to be mean its because I see RFDTV as both a media resource that has so much potential , yet miss’ the call of duty, due to some deep seated something of our op isn’t family friendly as RFDTV is.

So lets quickly explore this here.

HazzardAyre by its very name is VERY FAMILY FRIENDLY!! Hey we are based on the values of the Dukes. Okay so the Dukes had Daisy, and yes were always on the fringe of the law, (remind ya’ll of anybody?) but really weren’t nasty.

The Dukes could be watched by every member of the family. Unlike the cookie cutter TV shows being cranked out today.

I can remember when Sons came out few knew of it, the rest feared it and yet Son’s has became the most watched series ever on TV, not just me saying that, check the demo, surveys of nights that Sons runs in the winter.

Just like the Dukes and the Son’s we are border line, yet I’d never think we were so off center morals wise that some kid at 8 years old couldn’t watch it, much less some housewife.

Getting back to RFDTV.

There’s good stuff on their sibling FamilyNet that is great, but weekends outside of about 3 shows sucks. Yet RFDTV’s FamilyNet could be a grand slam hitter if only Patrick and crew would pull their heads out.

So in closing so I can get back on air, no I’m not picking on RFDTV, I’m trying to get the stubborn mule to move in the right direction. Stop running all this damn Polka music junk, and lets let the mule kick ass.

L8R Ya’ll