Friday, April 12, 2013

Could I please be known for something besides kissing stinking toewz?

ayrelawgafter the show

I can now begin to understand and feel the pains of being stereotyped and stereocast.

Okay it was a 1980’s into mid 1990’s thing. It was a promo thing for my snag and drag tow truck business. Full of leggy images as it should be if your plugging something of Dukes-of-Hazzard imaged.

Yes because of that, I fully became a coinsurer of female peds, for possible casting for future episodes of the gig, but after it was done in 2009 in Gooding with Nurse Goodbody, I have been somewhat weaned from the concept. Oh I will not say that even today, a gal walking in the station here with some hot legs in nylons or hose, doesn’t give me a certain amount of groovy feelings. But I’m not addicted to the thing.

However from Jared and crew at A1, to area TV stations , the only thing I’m known for is being attracted to, or needing a whiff of smelly toes in hose. Damn it, I wonder if the guy at TR FootNotes gets hammered on the concept.

How about giving me credit, for creating the only fully southern fried confederate radio show heard in the Mountain West. How about giving me credit for bringing radical, rebel radio here to Idaho, holding the hands of many who have stepped in since. I brought programming in that the area LDS majority thought taboo, yet the same long haul truckers driving for the churches trucking company tuned in. I brought TalkNet, Dr. Ruth, on air live flag to flag coverage of NASCAR to area radio. When lovely Barbra Mandrel came to Salt Lake City , I was the only one that hauled butt to Utah to do an interview. We were exclusive.

How about giving me credit for that? How about giving me credit that crashed the idea that truckers, and us in toewing had a brain, and wanted to hear more than Kountry music?

I’ll grant it I do use the concept as a test to see how daring someone is, but its definitely not the only test. Other tests is bringing in money from a sponsor to the shows or station. ITS NOT JUST SMOOCHING STINKY TOES IN NYLONS, get the frack over it.

Now I’m going to bed.

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