Wednesday, April 17, 2013

When are they going to give up?

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I put something up earlier in the day Tuesday that needs clarification.

The thing I put up was, My I wish I could afford cable. Not that the money is so lean I couldn’t subscribe, as I can, albeit still need two payments of $75.00 needs to be done first, but is it worth it?

To be honest if it wasn’t for the radio station, I mostly wouldn’t resubscribe. But fact is as great as SpeedConnect is and all, its speed and stability has been off here over the last few days. Plus the way the gal, who answers the phone early in the morning gives one a cause to reflect a bit.

But cable TV costs keep going up while the programming, as well as channels get less. Of 63 some channels of Cable One, here , there’s nearly 6 that ain’t doing nothing. Dead no programs, hey Cable One how about partnering with us? Lets put HazzardAyre TV on one of those channels. That request will fall on deaf ears.

Of course except for some rare occasions, Cable One’ Internet is better than most. Granted its not the 50 megz they advertise, but its close, meaning loading video, audio and in rebroadcast out much more stable.

However I’m going to investigate things with SpeedConnect some more to see if we can get a bit more horsepower out of their product.

But getting back on topic, because I haven’t had Cable been forced to watch the two remaining analog signals in the valley , the one KCTF –CH 45 carries, >>image_1351193836_FamilyNet_logo which is now part of RFDTV, which in my opinion they bit off more than they could chew.

What do I mean by that?

First, what we all call Prime Time, between 18:00 and 22:00 is all too short. After Highway to Heaven the rest of the night sucks, except maybe a repeat of Sunday’s edition of HeeHaw. How about going the distance here, like Petticoat Junction? Love American Style, Love on a Rooftop, or BJ& The Bear. Even better the Dukes of Hazzard. Then there is the all too often newscast, which are repeats of what was aired in the morning, except for a little market up dating. The rest is boring city. The only relief is noon with Private Eye, at noon.

Then there’s overnight.

There’s not escaping them, those damn infomercials. No matter the network, whether cable or regular TV , its always advertising the same junk, for much more than its worth. And who the hell are those people telling you it works? They say these people are not actors, not paid, bullsbreath, no body does anything for nothing, they’re getting some cash and being on TV. But they are getting something. Course my favorite two infomercials are the ones for ProActive, that teen 20 year old zit cream. That Pam that’s on there is damn hot. Then there’s the one for the Tummy Tuck, There’s one on there that comes on first, her belly looks like a set of duck bill lips, but now she look good. I want a real name and phone number to call and ask, did this thing really work. Then of course, there is that NONO thing, the gals on there are damn good looking, looks like a adult version of Disney’s High School Musical.

The question I have for FamilyNet,>>image_1351193836_FamilyNet_logo and RFDTV’s CEO Patrick, when are you going to give up. Give me a call lets talk, and put our groups money on your TV network. Maybe together we can make something better than what you have. Then maybe you could show something other than Crook & Chase from 1997.

Now if SpeedConnect can fix my Internet problems and Cable One will get busy with me, all will be well.

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